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What's New in DSE 6.8, the Making of a Cloud Native Database

On-Demand Webinar

Watch DataStax product leaders, Jonathan Lacefield and Ed Anuff in this on-demand webinar for a deep-dive into DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.8, built on Apache Cassandra™, including:

  • Kubernetes Operator - For cloud-native Cassandra workloads
  • Faster Scale-Out - Node addition and removal is now up to 4x faster
  • Graph Engine - Graph data models implemented as native Cassandra
  • Incremental NodeSync - Virtually eliminates manual effort to run repair operations
  • Guardrails - Configurable trip-wires in Cassandra that will warn or block known anti-patterns
  • DSE Desktop - Development environment to provision Cassandra and DSE in minutes


Jonathan Lacefield Headshot

Jonathan Lacefield

Product at DataStax

Ed Anuff

Ed Anuff

Chief Product Officer at DataStax

Watch On-Demand


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