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Why a Serverless Data API Might be Your Next Database

Databases have always required constant effort to set up, maintain, scale, shard, and replicate which has delayed teams from going to market quickly. Today, database simplicity for application developers is taking the form of serverless cloud databases that provide fluent, well documented, industry standard APIs -- APIs that are secure, easy to use and always on. Join us for this webinar with The New Stack and DataStax to learn how modern, open data stacks enable:

  • Faster time to market for modern data apps
  • Elastic scale for peak demands and inactivity
  • Reduced TCO by 3x and eliminate overprovisioning


Jim McCollom

Engineering at DataStax

Alex Williams

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at The New Stack

Vikram Bhambri

Product Management at DataStax

Pieter Humphrey

Product Management - Developer at DataStax

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