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Why Should Business Leaders Care About ML-AI

There is a great deal of hyperbole surrounding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  How much of it is real?  How much is just noise?  And should you, a business leader, even care? 

Consider that an Accenture study stated: “Seventy-five percent of executives “believe they risk going out of business in 5 years if they don’t scale AI”. 

Conversely, Pactera released a study that stated: “Despite increased interest in and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise, 85% of AI projects ultimately fail to deliver on their intended promises to business.”

So how do make sense of this?  Reconcile diametrically opposed perspectives.  And once you do decide on a path forward, how do you successfully bridge the chasm between where your organization presently finds itself, and where you want to be?

Join us in this joint DataStax and webinar and learn more about the future of AI/ML. 


Adam Massey

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