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Why Your Next Database Should Be Cloud Agnostic

Upcoming Webinar

Tue, May 25, 2021 · 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM PST

Enterprises today are increasingly embracing a cloud first deployment model. Running databases in the cloud is a part of this trend. Reduced downtime, better ROI, and agility are a few of the benefits that make cloud database offerings an attractive proposition. However, unlike other cloud offerings, databases are not always portable across cloud providers and can result in cloud provider lock-in. This is fueling the adoption of an infrastructure-agnostic data platform layer that can run on multiple clouds, on-prem data centers, or both in a hybrid fashion.

Join our session with 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, where we’ll discuss the ins and outs of cloud agnostic and how to make your multi cloud strategy a success.

  • Cloud and hybrid database adoption trends and drivers
  • How to avoid cloud vendor lock-in
  • Why cloud agnostic databases are better
  • Why Cassandra is purpose built for cloud deployments

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