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Webinar: Getting Big Value from Big Data

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Successful businesses like Walmart, Intuit, and others realize the strategic value of managing big data well. But big data can bring big dilemmas: How can I easily tackle and direct high velocity data to where I need it to be? What strategies should I use to distribute big data across multiple data centers, the cloud, and various geographies? How can I easily scale to smartly query and analyze data in the multi-tera/petabyte range?

In this webinar, you’ll get real answers from the experts at Forrester, SourceNinja, and DataStax on the practical big data strategies and technologies you need to be looking at to gain an edge over your business competitors. You’ll see how SourceNinja has implemented a smart big data platform that helps them deliver fast insight into their customers and business, and learn how enterprise-class big data technology solutions from DataStax can do the same for you.


Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Noel Yuhanna

Noel serves Application Development & Program Delivery Professionals. He primarily covers database management systems (DBMSes), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), data replication and integration, data security, data management tools, and related online transaction processing issues. His current primary research focus is on customer usage experiences and broad industry trends of DBMS, IaaS, data security, enterprise data grids, outsourcing, information life-cycle management, open source databases, and other emerging database technologies.

Matt Stump

Matt Stump, CTO and Co-founder, SourceNinja

Matthew Stump was an early employee at PGP where he rose through the ranks to eventually head development for all enterprise server products. After PGP was acquired by Symantec, Matt was responsible for re-engineering the PGP product line in order to serve the needs of the largest enterprise and government customers. He was also instrumental in shaping of Symantec’s cloud encryption strategy. In May of 2011, Matt co-founded SourceNinja, which helps companies manage the risks of using open source. SourceNinja uses the tools of big data to discover the hidden security, performance and stability problems lurking within software applications.

Robin Schumacher, VP of product development, DataStax

Robin Schumacher

Robin Schumacher has spent the last 20 years working with databases and big data. He comes to DataStax from EnterpriseDB, where he built and led a market-driven product management group. Previously, Robin started and led the product management team at MySQL for three years before they were bought by Sun (the largest open source acquisition in history), and then by Oracle. He also started and led the product management team at Embarcadero Technologies, which was the #1 IPO in 2000. Robin is the author of three database performance books and frequent speaker at industry events. Robin holds BS, MA, and Ph.D. degrees from various universities.