Webinar: Real NoSQL Applications in the Enterprise Today

Title: Real NoSQL Applications in the Enterprise Today

Description: NoSQL, Big Data, massive scale, real-time, in the cloud, do I need it, do I want it, how the heck can I even know if it’s right for me?

Choosing any database solution is a critical and tricky decision. Navigating the murky waters of NoSQL can be even tougher. This session will shed light on real-world use cases for NoSQL databases by providing case studies from enterprise production users taking advantage of the massively scalable and highly-available architecture of Apache Cassandra™. DataStax CTO and Apache Cassandra project chair Jonathan Ellis will help you learn about these new databases by taking you through some real world use cases.

Jonathan EllisMatt Aslett

Additionally, 451 Group senior analyst Matt Aslett explores the drivers behind the development and adoption of these new databases, explaining how the failure of existing suppliers to meet the performance, scalability and flexibility needs of large-scale data processing has led to the development and adoption of alternative data management technologies.

We will talk about:

  • Netflix – See how, with Cassandra, Netflix achieved cloud-enabled business agility, capacity and application flexibility,  and never worried about running out of space or power.
  • Backupify – Cassandra enables reliable, redundant and scalable low-balance data storage, eliminating downtime and ensuring they can backup customer data around the clock.
  • Ooyala – The elastically scalable Cassandra database allows Ooyala to absorb and leverage massive amounts of digital video data by simply adding nodes which can grow to hundreds or thousands.
  • Formspring – Cassandra delivers significantly faster performance than other solutions, while reducing Formspring’s data storage costs and IT’s system management responsibilities.

At the end of this webinar you will have an good understanding of the types of requirements Cassandra can satisfy through a carefully thought-out architecture designed to manage all forms of modern data, that scales to meet the requirements of “big data” management, that offers linear performance scale-out capabilities, and delivers the type of high availability that most every online, 24×7 application needs.

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