Webinar: NoSQL 2012: Validation, Growth, and the Impact on the DBA

Title: NoSQL 2012: Validation, Growth, and the Impact on the DBA

Description: Traditional DBAs are seeing their database vendors rush into the NoSQL market, underscoring the hot trend in enterprise IT of using big data to drive businesses in new ways. Over the past decade, relational databases have relied on “scale up” architectures (buying bigger, more powerful machines) to handle increased workloads. However, the demands of big data are introducing problems that relational databases simply were not designed to handle, no matter how big the machine. Instead, enterprises are turning to “scale out” (distributing the workload across many machines) NoSQL solutions, which has resulted in Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM all getting into the big data game.

What would drive these industry giants to react so quickly and introduce solutions that could take a bite out of their multi-billion dollar database products? What incentive do they have to work on new and alternative approaches? And what does all this mean to the role of the DBA? How should they adapt to a world where much of the future appears focused on NoSQL and not the relational database? This webinar will examine what the tech giants are doing in the NoSQL market, where startups are leading the charge, and how enterprising DBAs can take advantage of this new technology to advance their careers.

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