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White Paper: Big Data – Beyond the Hype

Title: Big Data – Beyond the Hype

Description: “Big data” is a big buzz phrase in the IT and business world right now – and there are a dizzying array of opinions on just what these two simple words really mean.

Technology vendors in the legacy database or data warehouse spaces say “big data” simply refers to a traditional data warehousing scenario involving data volumes in either the single or multi-terabyte range. Others disagree: They say “big data” isn’t limited to traditional data warehouse situations, but includes real-time or operational data stores used as the primary data foundation for online applications that power key external or internal business systems.

This paper examines the growing prevalence of big data across nearly every industry; explains why being good at using and understanding big data is critical for firms that want to compete in their chosen market; and details how businesses can use DataStax Enterprise—a solution specifically designed to manage big data easily and effectively—to exploit the benefits derived
from handling big data smartly.