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DataStax Enterprise on Cisco Unified Computing System A Highly Scalable and Secure NoSQL Platform
Big data is expected to fuel the next industrial revolution. An early sign is the wide adoption of big data technologies across major sectors including agriculture, education, entertainment, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. As this important technology helps transform large volumes of data into actionable information, many organizations are seeking the most effective and reliable NoSQL infrastructure that delivers the performance, agility, elasticity, and innovation organizations need to build high-performance, highly available online applications.

Cisco and DataStax have joined forces to deliver a unique solution comprised of the industry leading Cisco Unified Computing System(Cisco UCS®) and DataStax Enterprise (DSE), the leading distributed database platform - bringing a fully supported, enterprise-class NoSQL platform that delivers continuous availability, outstanding performance, and unlimited scalability when run on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data Common Platform Architecture (CPA). In combination with enterprise-class support, the result is a customer-centered solution that can be rapidly deployed, scaled on demand, and secured.
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