Introduction to Multi-Data Center Operations with Apache Cassandra, Hadoop, and Solr

Title: Introduction to Multi-Data Center Operations with Apache Cassandra, Hadoop, and Solr

Description: Many modern businesses have external-facing database applications that are dramatically growing, and which serve a customer base that is geographically dispersed. Numerous companies also have workforces that are highly distributed in nature, with each employee needing fast access to the same corporate information no matter where they happen to be located.

A database that easily spans multiple data centers and/or the cloud ensures the fastest possible response times (both read and write) for customers and employees who are geographically separated. A multi-data center database also provides a number of other benefits such as protecting information from loss in the event that a single data center experiences a disaster.

This paper discusses why multi-data center databases are fast becoming the new norm for database operations, along with what characteristics a database must possess to run across many data centers and the cloud at once. Focus is then turned to how Apache Cassandra™, Hadoop™, and Solr™ can be easily configured to run across multiple data centers and cloud providers to meet the requirements of those needing a smart and agile datastore that is truly location independent.

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