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Why Migrate from MySQL to Cassandra

Title: Why Migrate from MySQL to Cassandra

Description: While Oracle’s MySQL remains a good RDBMS that performs well for the use cases it was designed for, even its strongest supporters admit that it is not architected to tackle the new wave of big data applications being developed today. In fact, in the same way that the needs of late 20th century web companies helped give birth to MySQL and drive its success, modern businesses today that need to manage big data use cases are helping to forge a different set of technologies that are replacing MySQL in many situations.

This paper examines the why’s and how’s of migrating from Oracle’s MySQL to these new big data technologies, such as Apache Cassandra™ and Apache Hadoop™. It also looks at the benefits of moving from MySQL to a fully integrated data stack that combines those technologies and others together into a single big data platform like that found in DataStax Enterprise.