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Simplifying Data Management with DataStax and Robin Application Virtualization Platform

Robin Systems has teamed up with DataStax so that administrators can deploy DSE on Robin’s application-aware infrastructure software which is optimized for container technologies.

Robin Systems together with DataStax, provide the complete package for data management, where the data administrators and consumers can just focus on their use cases, while the tedious tasks of deployment, backups, restore, clone, scaling, and performance management are completely automated. This greatly improves IT productivity, and enables them to support and deliver on the promise of agility.

By working with Robin Cloud Platform (RCP), an administrator can now also achieve:

  • Productivity improvement by simplified operations and user experience
  • Cost reduction by guaranteed performance, even in shared multi-tenant environments, to enable hardware consolidation
  • Risk reduction by repeatable and automated processes such as 1-click cluster provision and patch/upgrade
  • Agility optimization with full Application & Data Lifecycle Management with significantly reduced time and storage
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