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The Internet Enterprise

Making Data the Centerpiece of your Business

We’re living in a world where customer engagement extends to so much more than welcoming back a returning customer. Today, a consumer can make purchases, perform financial transactions, and interact with their social network independent of location as well as with the convenience of a mobile device. Businesses can no longer think in terms of traditional versus Internet markets. Every company that wants to win today must incorporate valuable lessons learned by Internet Companies like Amazon and Google to quickly collect and transform data into information that can be used strategically to grow the business.

This paper defines the “Internet Enterprise” and discusses radical changes in technology DNA that Internet Companies created. Learn how to transform your traditional business to an Internet Enterprise and understand how all forward-looking companies need to challenge long-held assumptions about how they develop and deliver products and services with an eye toward competitive edge.

Featured Video: Become An Internet Enterprise

Video: Become an Internet Enterprise