What A Cloud Database Is Supposed To Be

“There is no cloud; it’s just someone else’s computer” applies to databases as well. There is no cloud magic that happens when you take legacy relational database management systems (RDBMS) or NoSQL databases and run them in the cloud. Instead, you need a database built from the ground up for the cloud to realize all the benefits that it has to offer.


Built by Cloud Giants

Built, used, and open-sourced by cloud pioneers like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, Apache Cassandra™ is the most battle-tested and proven cloud database technology on the planet.


Used by Cloud Leaders

Cassandra and DataStax’s unique masterless architecture, which delivers infinite scale, ridiculously fast performance, and zero downtime, is a key advantage enjoyed by those leading the pack in cloud-powered businesses.


Proven by Cloud Applications

Some of the most heavily used cloud applications on the web depend on the advanced functionality of DataStax to deliver real-time financial, entertainment, health, shopping, communications, and other similar data to millions of customers around the world.

How Can DataStax Help You in the Cloud?

Whether you are already running cloud databases today or are still in the planning phases, you will excel with our technology and be educated through our many years of helping other market leaders succeed with their cloud applications.

Online Retail Application Development

A database is the heart of every online retail and e-commerce application. And that database will either limit and prevent you from effectively competing in the digital marketplace or it will be your biggest competitive advantage. 

  • The core technology of Apache Cassandra™ provides you with the gold-standard of transparent global data distribution across all clouds and in hybrid deployments infinite scale and zero chance of downtime. 
  • Improving upon Cassandra’s open-source foundation, DataStax delivers advanced functionality such as enterprise security, integrated analytics, enterprise search, increased performance, graph database functionality, and so much more to help modern applications excel.
  • DataStax provides the visual development tools, top language drivers, key connectors to technologies like Apache Kafka®, and online education to make your developers instantly productive.     
Retail Apps for Ecommerce

Database Modernization

Whether it’s a mainframe or legacy databases like an RDBMS not built for the cloud, it’s time for your database strategy to evolve to support your next-generation cloud initiatives. DataStax provides a 21st-century database that is purpose-built for the cloud and makes the migration from your current platform a cost-savings event.       

  • DataStax database platforms contain the modern functionality needed to avoid the frustrating process pushing the RDBMS square peg through the modern cloud database round hole.
  • Offloading mainframe data-related tasks to DataStax in the cloud makes it easy to take advantage of modern database innovations and architectures, and saves money in the process. 
  • Experience faster application time to market with a cloud database built on Cassandra, giving you everything needed to transform your business with cloud applications that easily scale and never go down.
Modern Cloud Platform

Customer Insights and Analytics

With competition getting more intense every day, getting inside your customer’s head to know what they are thinking is critical. But doing so requires correlating huge amounts of data from everywhere, analyzing it in real-time, and getting the results back into the hands of decision-makers, pronto! 

  • No database on the planet can collect and process large amounts of data faster than Cassandra and DataStax, a fact proven time and again in industry benchmarks 
  • Integrated analytics with Apache Spark lets you quickly analyze transactional data flowing through your database and make decisions in record time 
  • Enterprise search functionality makes searching for understanding all types of customer data (tabular, full-text, geospatial, etc.) fast and easy  

Datastax Database Solutions For The Cloud

Databases built for modern cloud applications