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DataStax Names VMware Partner of the Year

DataStax and VMware partner to help companies seamlessly and securely use multi-cloud computing environments. This blog post describes how the partnership works and explains why DataStax chose VMware as its partner of the year.

By Kathryn Erickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DataStax, June 5, 2019

Social Media Contests at DataStax Accelerate 2019

DataStax Accelerate brings Apache Cassandra users together for three days of learning, networking, and developing. Read this blog post to learn the various social media contests going on this year at Accelerate!

By Sarah Burr, Customer Marketing Manager, May 20, 2019

Building Apps Is Where It’s at for DataStax Accelerate

If you’re into building game-changing modern applications that work seamlessly in hybrid or multi-cloud, then DataStax Accelerate has a treasure-trove of knowledge for you. This blog post highlights the modern applications track at Accelerate and the specific discussions and speakers within that track that promise to enlighten developers on all things modern applications.

By David Jones-Gilardi Manager, Developer Advocacy, May 10, 2019

Accelerate Talk on Spring Boot and Cassandra a Must-Attend

Achieving rapid development with a globally distributed database is no small feat. Read this blog post to learn about a DataStax Accelerate session that will explain how Spring Boot and Apache Cassandra™ work together to achieve this.

By Chris Splinter, PM - Developer Solutions, May 2, 2019

Accelerate Talk to Address Managing Data at Scale

Managing data at scale can be incredibly difficult, and applying data science techniques at scale is even more challenging. This blog post explains why a session at DataStax Accelerate is a must-attend for anyone interested in scaling data.

By Hemal Govind, Director of Product Management, May 2, 2019

Can’t-Miss Apache Kafka™ Talk at DataStax Accelerate

Learn about a DataStax Accelerate talk that will discuss the interplay between Apache Cassandra™ and Apache Kafka™, and why this talk is a must-attend for data architects looking to build scalable applications.

By Manikandan Srinivasan, Sr. Director, Products, May 1, 2019