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Cloud Databases for eCommerce: What You Should Know

Distributed cloud databases are slowly but surely becoming the go-to architectures for any data that needs to scale quickly, easily, affordably, and safely. This is as true for ecommerce applications as it is for any other type of application. But for ecommerce, there’s more than just the customer-facing applications that you need to think about.

By Matt Kennedy, Senior Director, Cloud Solutions, June 21, 2018

What’s the Best Database for eCommerce Applications?

Choosing the right database to power your ecommerce applications is critical. Learn which features your database needs to allow you to create powerful ecommerce applications.

By Mark Simborg, Editorial Director, June 14, 2018

How You Know You Need a Multi-Model Database

To maximize the value of their data, deliver engaging and delightful customer experiences, and encourage innovation, leading organizations are increasingly moving to multi-model databases. These NoSQL databases—which enable organizations to store, process, and analyze data as graphs, documents, key-value, and JSON files—were built for the era of big data.

By Matt Kennedy, Senior Director, Cloud Solutions, June 12, 2018

Using Your Data Layer to Secure Financial Data

A new threat level and high-risk exposure is forcing enterprises to rethink how they go about securing their financial data. Simple chip and pin methodologies are obviously no longer enough. You need to be thinking about financial data security from the level of your data layer, because it’s at the data layer where you will be able to launch your most effective and comprehensive defensive against cyber criminals and also most effectively comply with new laws.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, June 8, 2018

Macy’s: Right-Now eCommerce at Scale

Macy’s became a Right-Now Enterprise, and the number one ecommerce site in the United States, the moment it began to unlock the full potential of its data.

By Mark Simborg, Editorial Director, June 8, 2018

Why Your Database Isn’t Working for eCommerce

In ecommerce, your database ultimately powers the customer experience. The front-end experience relies on your database’s ability to access multiple systems of record in real time to deliver a robust, high-performance experience. Here are five ways your database may be failing your ecommerce applications and what you can do to fix it.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, June 6, 2018

Top 4 Mistakes Banks Make with their Data

Intelligent data management is an important driving force behind the future of financial services companies and banks. Being able to access data in real time, analyze large volumes of data, and produce detailed reports of this data is critical for companies that want to transform the customer experience and maintain regulatory compliance. Learn about the top four mistakes the banking and financial services industry (BFSI) is making with its data and effective solutions that prevent many common challenges.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, June 1, 2018

DigitalRights 360: How DataStax Helps Enterprises Comply with the GDPR

This blog examines the demands today’s cloud applications put on enterprises needing to comply with the GDPR, especially around EU citizens’ rights as ‘data subjects’ whose data is held by a company or organization.

By Martin James, Regional Vice President, Northern Europe, May 25, 2018

What’s New in DSE Graph 6

We’re pleased to introduce you to the great new features we’re rolling out with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph 6. DSE Graph is tightly integrated as an optional component within DSE, providing a unique experience where graph, search, transactional analytics, management, and developer tools are provided through the industry's best distributed cloud database designed for hybrid cloud.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, May 24, 2018