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5 Ways to Break Down Data Silos

Created by the increasing use of multiple systems to store and analyze data, data silos are have become all too common in today’s organizations. Data silos create disjointed customer views that result in sub-par data analytics, which worsens customer experience. Read this blog post to learn the five best ways for organizations to break down data silos.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, October 18, 2018

DataStax Collaborates with IBM Global Business Services

IBM’s Digital Insights Platform delivers technology-powered business outcomes as a service. This blog post describes the new collaboration between IBM Global Business Services and DataStax to power the Digital Insights Platforms, and what it means for IBM’s clients.

By Matt Rollender, VP, Global Business Development & Partners, October 17, 2018

Why Multi-Cloud Databases are the Future

Hybrid and multi-cloud databases are becoming a necessity for today’s enterprises, offering previously unachieved scalability and flexibility. This blog post explains why they are so important, and how companies can take full advantage of the hybrid cloud world.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, October 11, 2018

Registration Now Open for DataStax Accelerate!

DataStax Accelerate will feature separate executive and technical tracks, as well as training, hands-on sessions, an exhibitor pavilion, networking, and a full presentation agenda from DataStax executives, customers, and partners. Learn from your peers, industry experts, and thought leaders on how Apache Cassandra and DataStax can help you build and deploy game-changing enterprise applications and easily scale your data needs to fit your company’s growth and today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world.

By Steve Rowland, President, October 9, 2018

DSE 6: Delivering on Serious Improvements

DSE 6 offers up a whole new ball game for any enterprise seeking to get ahead of the competition via an always-on cloud database. Read this blog post to learn more.

By Nick Panahi, Sr. Product Manager, Server, October 4, 2018

Are We Hybrid Cloud? Why Most Enterprises Don’t Even Know

The term “hybrid cloud” is used a lot these days, but the definition of hybrid cloud seems ambiguous at best. Read this blog post to learn why most enterprises today are using hybrid cloud without really knowing it.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, October 2, 2018

DataStax Enterprise – Datanami Editors’ Choice for Big Data Product of the Year

Easily and affordably handling massive scale is a feat few data management platforms can pull off. Throw in real-time capabilities and true operational support and you widdle the competition down quite a lot. This blog post explains why Datanami chose DataStax Enterprise as the Big Data Product of the Year.

By Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer, October 1, 2018

How an Active Everywhere Database Accelerates Hybrid Cloud

An Active Everywhere database uses a masterless architecture to support the kind of easy scalability required by today’s enterprises. Where relational and other NoSQL databases fall short, Active Everywhere databases step in to fill the gaps.

By Amit Chaudry, VP, Product Marketing, September 27, 2018

5 Lessons in Distributed Databases

Sometimes—you must learn things the hard way. DataStax Jonathan Ellis summarizes his Distributed Data Day speech, in which he explains, among other things, why the customer is always right, and why it takes more than five years to build a database.

By Jonathan Ellis, CTO and Co-founder, September 25, 2018