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DSE Advanced Performance: Apache Cassandra™ Goes Turbo

With DataStax Enterprise 6, we unveiled some of the most critical performance enhancements ever. It’s not just about speed, either; we’ve made DSE more efficient and resilient to meet the most demanding workloads.

By Marc Selwan, PM, DataStax Enterprise Core, April 19, 2018

DSE NodeSync: Operational Simplicity at its Best

We’ve got something really special for administrators in DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6: DSE NodeSync. Read this to learn how NodeSync virtually eliminates manual efforts required to run repair operations in a DataStax cluster.

By Marc Selwan, PM, DataStax Enterprise Core, April 18, 2018

It’s Here! DataStax Docker Images for DSE

Today we are making DataStax-built images widely available for non-production use by hosting them in Docker Hub. We want the images to be as easy for you to use as they are for our internal teams. Read on to learn more and how to access.

By Kathryn Erickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DataStax, April 17, 2018

DataStax and Oracle: Making “The Moment” Possible

Combining DataStax technology with Oracle will undoubtedly further enhance our ability to be the power behind the moment for enterprises.

By Cathleen Nelson, Sr. Manager Cloud Business Development, January 30, 2018

DataStax Now Offering Docker Images for Development

Today we are taking the first step towards providing supported Docker images for all components of the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) data platform. We’ll be delivering these in phases, with the first being aimed at supporting developers in evaluation environments only. You can now find the following three DataStax images, all supported for non-production environments, in the Docker Hub and Docker Store:

By Kathryn Erickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DataStax, November 16, 2017

Forrester’s Graph Database Vendor Landscape – The DataStax Perspective

Forrester has recently published a report entitled: Vendor Landscape: Graph Databases in which DataStax was among the included vendors. The purpose of this post is to share some of DataStax's perspectives on this report and the graph database market.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, November 7, 2017