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DataStax Constellation: A Quick Technical Rundown

The Database as a Service (DBaaS) market is on fire right now and is going to stay that way for some time to come. To best serve the needs of enterprises seeking to build game-changing, modern applications in hybrid and multi-cloud computing environments, DataStax has created its very own DBaaS: DataStax Constellation.

By Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer, May 22, 2019

Introducing Our New Cloud-Native Data Platform: DataStax Constellation

A new cloud-native data platform, DataStax Constellation will make it easy for enterprises to unleash the full power of Apache Cassandra in the cloud, and developers will have at their disposal a simplified way to build powerful, modern applications in any type of IT infrastructure.

By Billy Bosworth, CEO, May 21, 2019

Social Media Contests at DataStax Accelerate 2019

DataStax Accelerate brings Apache Cassandra users together for three days of learning, networking, and developing. Read this blog post to learn the various social media contests going on this year at Accelerate!

By Sarah Burr, Customer Marketing Manager, May 20, 2019

How Apache Cassandra™ Balances Consistency, Availability, and Performance

Managing the trade-off between consistency and availability is nothing new in distributed databases, but Apache Cassandra™ is usually misrepresented as an “AP” system that prioritizes availability over consistency. Read this blog post to learn why this is not entirely true.

By Louise Westoby, Senior Director, Product Marketing, May 16, 2019

Five Ways to Secure Your Distributed Data

Given the rise in cyber crime and government regulations around data sharing and data breaches, securing data should be top of mind for any enterprise today. This blog post explains the key challenges of securing distributed data and key methods to secure data in distributed computing environments.

By Nick Panahi, Sr. Product Manager, Server, May 15, 2019

Why Open Source Software Is the Key to Hybrid Cloud

Open source software has been around a long time, but hybrid cloud hasn’t. Companies are just starting to realize that they are indeed operating in hybrid cloud but many are struggling to adapt their database to this new world. Read this blog post to learn how open source software unlocks the true power of hybrid and multi-cloud computing environments.

By Louise Westoby, Senior Director, Product Marketing, May 14, 2019

Building Apps Is Where It’s at for DataStax Accelerate

If you’re into building game-changing modern applications that work seamlessly in hybrid or multi-cloud, then DataStax Accelerate has a treasure-trove of knowledge for you. This blog post highlights the modern applications track at Accelerate and the specific discussions and speakers within that track that promise to enlighten developers on all things modern applications.

By David Jones-Gilardi Manager, Developer Advocacy, May 10, 2019

Modern Apps and Hybrid Cloud—The Perfect Combo

With all the talk these days of modern applications and hybrid cloud, not many are discussing just how well they complement each other, and why enterprises need both to truly satisfy the needs of both their employees and their customers. This blog post explains why.

By Chelsea Navo, Vanguard Lead, Presales Architecture, May 9, 2019

Introducing DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ on Microsoft Azure

What do you get when you combine a world-class cloud platform with the best distribution of Apache Cassandra? Developer power, for one. Not to mention frictionless ease of use and increased productivity. This blog post explains why the availability of DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Microsoft Azure is such a big deal.

By Kyle Hunter, Director, Product Marketing, May 7, 2019