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Learning Without Fear at

We’re excited to share a new learning experience for both new and experienced Cassandra users now available at The “Dat...

Run DataStax Enterprise on VMware Tanzu to cut Hybrid Database’s Operational Complexity by Half

K8ssandra + VMware Tanzu

Busting Myths About Apache Cassandra

Join our experts at DataStax as we cover the updates and features of Apache Cassandra 4.0 and bust a few myths along the way. We'll show you how to simplify cloud native application development and why a DBaaS might be right for you. Don't miss the demo and come ready with questions for our specialists. In this live session, you will learn: What a Modern Data App is and why you should consider a NoSQL Cassandra DB How you can reduce deployment time from weeks to minutes and benefit from an auto-scaling database What makes DataStax Astra DB simple to Build, Operate (with a Graphical Control Plane and DevOps API), and Scale Demo: How to build a modern cloud native app that uses REST and GraphQL API’s All attendees will be entered in a $100 raffle. Can't make it to this session? Register for the September 28 event here.

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