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Create new apps faster on the world’s most proven NoSQL database

Stargate is an open source data API gateway that is now available with both DataStax Enterprise and Astra DB. Developers can now use GraphQL, REST, and Schemaless JSON, so predefined schemas aren’t needed to start coding. Stargate gives you simple APIs that work with your favorite languages and frameworks, accelerating development and reducing the learning curve for developers.  Join Denise Gosnell, Distinguished Engineer at DataStax and Paras Mehra, Product Manager at DataStax, for our upcoming webinar where we discuss and demonstrate:  How does the Stargate Data API gateway work with Cassandra? How does Stargate fit into a Cassandra-based architecture?    

Successful scale-out data approach for Financial Services with Apache Cassandra™

Join Théo Lebrun, Cloud and Data Solutions Architect at Ippon Technologies USA, and Michael Waldrop, Director of Data Architect at DataStax as they discuss how a transformational data architecture built on Apache Cassandra™ is used by leading financial institutions to drive improved customer experience and adopt a cloud-native approach to provide necessary availability, agility, and security around their data.

Technical Workshop: Cassandra Made Easy

Join us to learn how the Cassandra distributed database delivers a consistent, low-latency data fabric for both on-premises data centers and public clouds with zero downtime.

Technical Guide
DataStax Quick Reference Guide for CQL

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DataStax Enterprise on VMware vSAN™ Deployment Options

Organizations are leveraging modern data platforms, such as Apache Cassandra™, to power new products and services across industries. For example, Cassandra empowers retailers to provide an omnichannel shopping experience with tailored customer experiences in real-time. However, the implementation and ongoing management operations can be a significant barrier to adoption. Organizations are betting their growth on distributed technologies, and they want a scalable full-stack solution that is always available, secure, and simple to deploy and manage. VMware® and DataStax have partnered to build a hybrid and multi-cloud solution designed to meet the data and availability requirements of the most demanding applications with built-in high availability and failure protection across availability zones, regions, data centers, and clouds in three of the four largest public cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, as well as a rich ecosystem of hundreds of public cloud providers globally.

Is Your Infrastructure Ready For A Record-Breaking 2019 Holiday Rush?

Bloor Research Details DataStax Enterprise Database Solution

Cassandra initially made its name as a NoSQL database because it was designed from the outset to support key enterprise requirements such as constant availability, resilience, and disaster recovery, as well as scalability. Many other NoSQL databases did not start from this position and only added mission-critical capabilities – if they did – later. We prefer the approach taken by the developers of Cassandra. Moreover, in DSE there are substantial additional elements that go beyond Cassandra itself, some of which are at the feature level and some of which, such as the multi-model support, and the search and analytics capabilities, are more substantial.

Publicis Sapient Rapid Commerce

Technical Guide
MIssionGraph™ Empowered Discovery

DataStax Graph Workshop and Hands-On Lab - Philadelphia

DataStax experts are hosting a half-day workshop to learn how to get more value from your data by leveraging a relationship-first approach with a distributed graph database. Get an introduction to graph technology, followed by a technical hands-on lab session.

Hands-On Techncial Workshop for DSE 6 - Columbus, OH

DataStax is hosting a half-day technical workshop session packed with hands-on activities and tons of technical information on DataStax Enterprise (DSE) including version 6, OpsCenter, DSE Search, DSE Analytics, DSE Security, DSE Graph and more.

Designing Fault-Tolerant Applications with DataStax and Apache Cassandra™

In today's economy there’s no room for failure. Your customers expect access to their information 24/7, and your internal organizations demand instant insights from their data. 99% uptime isn’t good enough. So how do you build apps that can withstand data center power outages, server downtime, and cloud provider issues? In this white paper, you’ll learn the keys to delivering truly resilient applications with a masterless, geographically distributed database that can be deployed anywhere, on-premises or in any cloud.

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