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Sven is responsible for the worldwide software engineering of our integrated enterprise big data platform. He has more than 20 years of experience managing software teams at both small startups and mid-size corporations. During that time, Sven brought products to market in a wide variety of areas, such as application development, factory management systems, content management and distributed computation systems.

Before joining DataStax, he held various senior engineering roles, leading the development for enterprise level technology products at Cimetrix, Scriptics, Interwoven and most recently, Electric Cloud. Sven earned his computer science degree from the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.


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5 August, 2013

Apache Cassandra™ Log Viewing with gltail

Authors: Sven Delmas

gltail by Erlend Simonsen is a real time log viewer written in Ruby that provides an interesting live view of your log data from multiple servers. Log entries are assigned to blocks…

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12 January, 2013

How to get HELP!

Authors: Sven Delmas

For a mission critical product like DSE, keeping customers and prospects happy is top priority. So while we all would love to have a world in which software has no issues, there…

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