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Effective asset monitoring means getting a much higher return on your investments—whether they're oil and gas rigs, IT servers, or stocks and bonds.

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Amount Business Insider predicts business spending on IoT solutions will hit by 2021



Number of IoT devices Gartner, Inc. forecasts there will be by 2020




Amount IDC projects will be spent on IoT by the end of 2018

Track More, See More, Do More

Improve your return on assets and reduce downtime with continuous monitoring, predictive or machine-based learning, and IoT data.

Distributed and Always On

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Rely on our masterless architecture to ensure your asset monitoring system is 100% available, no matter what.

Contextual and Real Time

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Use IoT data and continuous monitoring to improve return on assets.


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Easily scale up or down to support the needs of your business—whether you’re deploying to a new region or supporting a new launch— using DataStax Enterprise.

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Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Efficiency

Learn how companies use real-time asset monitoring to extract value from their data. DataStax Enterprise uses the best distributed cloud database, designed for hybrid cloud, to deliver the capabilities needed by a new generation of connected devices. Learn how DataStax reduces costs, improves operational efficiency, and delivers the performance needed for today's Right-Now Economy.

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands

See how customers are using DataStax to revolutionize how they use data and lead the wave of disruption in their industries.

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