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Deliver an amazing, tailored customer experience anywhere, on any device, seamlessly across touchpoints.

A rapidly evolving world accelerates the customer experience challenge

DataStax offers data management for driving customer experience (CX) solutions.

DataStax-powered solutions deliver a highly personalized, responsive, and consistent experience whatever the channel, location, or volume of customers and transactions. Customers will have an engaging experience that drives customer satisfaction and advocacy, which translates to increased brand loyalty and revenue growth.

The DataStax CX Data Solution

Customer-facing applications need to be always on and easily scalable while providing instant insights and actions tailored to each specific user in the moment of interaction.

The DataStax CX Data Solution helps companies:

  • Innovate by using our data platform to gain a holistic view of all customers and provide an always-on, personalized, responsive, and consistent customer experience.
  • Accelerate their customer experience initiatives with tools, partner integration, and world-class training and consulting from experts who have helped implement some of the largest real-time data architectures in the world.
  • Mitigate risk and increase flexibility for critical customer experience initiatives by aligning industry-leading data technology with customer experience application design expertise.

With data innovation, go-to-market acceleration, and risk mitigation, the DataStax CX Data Solution is the platform you need to be a customer experience leader in the right-now economy.
  • “By 2017, 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience.”
  • “The X1 Platform delivers an entirely new cloud-based, personalized, and interactive TV experience with DataStax.”
  • “With DataStax Enterprise as our database infrastructure, we can not only scale but give our users a real-time, engaging customer experience.”
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