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Identity Management

Authentication and authorization make a big first impression.
Make sure yours says, “hello” with a smile.
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Your identity management solution needs to provide a secure identity check and
allow real-time access for customers, employees, and partners to guarantee user
data security. These systems have quickly evolved to track and store digital
entitlements such as account information, inventory data, contract information,
movies, games, and other resources that a user has the right to access.
Why DataStax?
Effortless Scale
DataStax Enterprise gives you linearly scalable
performance you can rely on. Scaling your
identity management capabilities is push-button
simple, keeping you always ready to support user
growth or create new identity-based experiences,
such as purchase authorization.
Ensure continuous availability and easily
control your data’s distribution and
replication across nodes and even multiple
data centers, cloud regions, or hybrid
cloud environments.
Instant Insight
Providing customers a robust search experience
for their recent purchases, understanding the
current inventory status, or accessing the latest
supplier pricing information - all these require a
real-time search and analytics platform that
allows you to act instantly.
Growth is a Business Decision
Relational systems worked in the past, but with the growing number of global users accessing your app, variety of ways they access it, and the frequency with which they do, there is a better way.
Failed Chances
Your users need access to your app, so you need
it to be always on. Any downtime prevents your users from engaging with you resulting in missed purchases or ads, thereby impacting your bottom line.
Whether it's Customer 360, Fraud Detection, or Supply Chain, you need a comprehensive data platform that can connect the dots of your users’ interactions in real time to help you handle the business needs now and in the future.
Identity Management Done Right
Sony supports 100+ million
Playstation 4 users, maintaining
user authentication and
entitlements with DataStax
““The horizontal scalability allowed
us to handle the PS4's
fast-growing user base.”
– Dustin Pham, Staff Software Engineer at Sony
Network Entertainment International

DataStax Enterprise Features You’ll Want
Apache Cassandra
The industry’s best distribution of the Apache Cassandra database powers DataStax Enterprise, giving your data layer a continuously available, linearly scalable foundation.
Advanced Security
Make sure your users are secure with industry standard authentication mechanisms, role-based authentication, user activity auditing, and end-to-end transparent data encryption.
DSE Graph
Leverage your identity management
data to let your users search their
authorized purchases however
they like.
How to get started
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