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Getting from A to B can be incredibly complex. Use DataStax Enterprise with technologies like RFID and IoT for always-on, real-time monitoring, processing, and querying of in-transit goods, people, or vehicles.

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Number of IoT devices IHS projects by 2025



Shipping containers tracked by logistics expert Traxens using DataStax



Rail cars tracked by Norfolk Southern using DataStax




Value to be generated from IoT use in supply chains and logistics over the next decade

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Increase Visibility, Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Please customers and increase profitability via just-in-time routing and the seamless integration of internal and third-party logistics systems, and use real-time location, weather, and traffic data to significantly increase visibility.

Distributed and Always On

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Rely on our masterless architecture to ensure 100% uptime for your logistics system, even during the peak of the holiday season or a new launch.

Contextual and Real Time

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Use real-time weather and traffic data to make better logistics decisions.


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Easily scale up or down according to the needs of your business with DataStax Enterprise.

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Understand the True Value of an Always-on Cloud Database

Relevancy only takes you as far as your next customer or your next transaction. What will you do to be relevant tomorrow — or the day after tomorrow? To stay viable in the Right-Now Economy, enterprises need to take a data layer-first approach to customer engagement. DataStax is the data platform of choice for powerful innovators like Microsoft, Sony, and Capital One. Read this eBook to learn why and how they’re using our technology, and why the value of an always-on, real-time data platform can never be understated.

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands

See how customers are using DataStax to revolutionize how they use data and lead the wave of disruption in their industries.

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