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Supply Chain

Get real time, not downtime.
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Supply chain has evolved. We’ve moved from when a single point in time was
good enough, to today’s requirements of having a real-time, constant
understanding of your network. Tracking from suppliers to consumers, you’re
now tasked with a variety of new data types, both structured and unstructured,
for a system mission-critical to your business.
Why DataStax?
Globally Distributed
To best support a global supply chain cloud app,
you’ll want to be able to easily distribute and
replicate your data. With DataStax Enterprise
(DSE), you’ll have best-in-class data distribution
for an always-on application with low-latency
performance everywhere.
Effortless Scale
With the industry’s best distribution of Apache
Cassandra™ as your supply chain foundation,
you can confidently take on new
opportunities. The linearly scalable data
platform allows you to scale in a matter of
seconds, not months.
Comprehensive Platform
Analytics, search, graph. DSE’s
comprehensive platform gives your team all
the tools it needs. You can quickly build the
contextual, data-driven experience your
analysts need for instantly
actionable insight.
Real-Time Actionable Insights
Supply chain has quickly become a game of seconds
instead of hours and days. With DSE, attain real-time
actionable insights.
Track More, Know More
Have your data foundation ready for new
channels, customers, and products in a matter of
a few clicks, not a few months.
Data-Driven Decisions
Give your analysts the tools they need to quickly
dissect, search, and analyze data to surface what
matters most.
“ turn a list of 500 million parts and components and several billion pieces of related content into actionable information and insight, we would need a highly scalable framework.”

– Graham Lammers
Director of Product Development and Delivery

DataStax Enterprise Features You’ll Want
Apache Cassandra
Use the industry’s best distribution of
the Apache Cassandra to give your data
layer a continuously available, linearly
scalable foundation.
Real Time
Support your supply chain
in real time by giving your
analysts the data they need
to make the right decisions.
DSE Search
Quickly build intuitive and powerful
search experiences, whether it’s a
geospatial search to pinpoint your
shipments or a view by manufacturer.
We’re here to help
Have questions about designing cloud applications? Talk to a DataStax expert.

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