Supply Chain
Get to real-time, not downtime
Supply chain has evolved. We’ve moved from when a single point in time was good enough, to today’s requirements of having a real-time, constant understanding of your network. Tracking from suppliers to consumers, you’re now tasked with a variety of new data types, both structured and unstructured, for a system mission-critical to your business.
Why DataStax?
Globally distributed
Chances are you want to support a supply chain that spans the globe. To best support a global cloud app you’ll want to be able to easily distribute and replicate your data. With DataStax Enterprise you’ll have best-in-class data distribution for an always-on application with low-latency performance everywhere.
Effortless scale
With the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra as your supply chain foundation you can confidently take on new opportunities. The linearly scalable database you can multiply your scale in an instant, not months. Giving you and your company the ability to make the most of your data.
Comprehensive Platform
Analytics, search, graph. DataStax Enterprise’s comprehensive platform gives your team all the tools at your disposal. You can quickly build the type of contextual data-driven experience your analysts will need for instant insight.
Real-time knowledge
Supply chain has quickly became a game of seconds instead of hours and days. Having your data in real-time is essential and handling that constant velocity of data brings it’s own challenges that most databases aren’t designed to keep up with.
Track more, know more
Having constantly growing supply chain be it with new channels or supporting new customers or products is a good thing, right? It should feel that way. Having a foundation ready should be a few clicks, not a few months.
Data-driven decisions
When it comes down to it, you care most about enabling analysts to understand what is happening. This means having the modern tools to dissect, search, and analyze the data, to surface what matters.
IHS scales real-time tracking with DataStax Enterprise
“We knew that to turn a list of 500 million parts and components and several billion pieces of related content into actionable information and insight, we would need a highly scalable framework.”
Graham Lammers
Director of Product Development and Delivery
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DataStax Enterprise features you’ll want
Apache Cassandra
The industry’s best version of the Apache Cassandra database powers all of DataStax Enterprise. Giving your data layer a continuously available, linearly scalable foundation.
Support your supply chain in real-time. Your analysts will have the right data at their fingertips to make the right decisions in the moment.
DSE Search
Quickly build modern search experiences. Whether it is geospatial search to pinpoint your shipments or a view by manufacturer, you’ll have it covered.
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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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