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The enterprise NoSQL Database platform for today’s online applications.

DataStax Enterprise is a NoSQL database platform that provides continuous availability, fast performance, strong security, and operational simplicity for today’s online applications. Stop investing in old relational technologies that break your budget and don’t perform in fast-paced environments, or in other NoSQL databases that don’t scale, and instead start using a modern database platform that’s built for today’s modern online applications.

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Key Advantages of DataStax Enterprise 3.2

Scale with no surprises and get the performance you need.

Never let your business outgrow your database. Powered by Apache Cassandra’s distributed architecture, DataStax Enterprise lets you scale without surprises with no hits to performance.

Performance of Apache Cassandra in head-to-head comparison with leading NoSQL database alternatives for mixed read/write workloads.

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Keep Your Big Data Applications Up and Running

In these days of soaring customer expectations where the competition is never more than a click away, even the slightest hiccup in the availability of your online applications can cost you revenue – and customers you may not win back.

DataStax Enterprise provides continuous availability to keep your essential line-of-business applications going around the clock. It relies on Cassandra’s peer-to peer “masterless” architecture in which all nodes in a database cluster are equal and where redundancy of both data and function are automatically built-in. This continuous availability extends to any combination of cloud, on-premise or multi-datacenter resources – and to running analytics on Cassandra data with Hadoop and searching Cassandra data with Solr.

Ensure That Your Data Remains Safe

Securing data against theft and the malicious misuse of applications is a prime mission for any organization who conducts business across any network – internal or on the Web. That includes just about everyone these days. With DataStax Enterprise, you get the most comprehensive security feature set of any NoSQL solution on the market. Deploy with confidence in environments where data security is a top priority, relying on the security capabilities needed to protect sensitive data. Even banks and health care providers are meeting the demands of today’s data while keeping their online applications secure.

DataStax Enterprise offers the most comprehensive set of security features of any NoSQL provider, including:

  • Internal and external authentication for database access
  • Granular permission control for database changes
  • Transparent encryption for enhanced file protection
  • Advanced data auditing capabilities
  • Client to node encryption that safeguards data in transit

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Use All of Your Data, No Matter What Form It Takes

DataStax Enterprise’s flexible architecture accommodates a broad range of data types – structured, semi-structured and unstructured. You’re no longer limited to the rigid schema of legacy database systems. Whatever data you need to consume – server logs, social media postings, emails, tweets, PDFs, Word docs, clickstreams, you name it – DataStax Enterprise can handle it.

Distribute Data Anywhere — In Multiple Data Centers or the Cloud

With DataStax Enterprise, you can keep data in multiple locations for disaster recovery scenarios and for speedier performance near end users, DataStax Enterprise is the gold standard for supporting multiple data centers and the cloud.

Put Your Operations on Autopilot

Fix problems before they happen with built-in management like repair services and capacity planning. Yes, built-in to the database, so you can remove the burden and guesswork that your team faces as you scale for success. Automatically forecast future needs, and know with a glance how well your database clusters are performing. Manage it all visually with OpsCenter so you can focus on your business, not on your data technology.

Simplify Operations and Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

DataStax Enterprise lowers your total cost of ownership, usually by as much as eighty to ninety percent below a traditional database vendor. DataStax Enterprise has built-in management services like repair and capacity planning, all of which you can access through DataStax OpsCenter, a visual browser-based console that allows you to provision new nodes, even entire clusters, online in just a few minutes. Monitor performance and fix problems before they happen — without your team babysitting machines.

With DataStax Enterprise it’s also easy to move data from your existing relational systems. Plus, your developers will be instantly productive using the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) that is extremely similar to SQL. For more help with CQL and Cassandra, check out DataStax’s free online training.

A Complete Package

In addition to its enhanced data security and management capabilities, DataStax Enterprise comes with a full slate of training, support and consultation services, helping you get the most bang for your investment. You get 24×7 expert support, certified software updates, automated management services, built-in data migration capabilities for both relational and application log data, and much more.

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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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