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Instructor-led Training Course Catalog
Practical training focused on enterprise application development, operations, and architecture. request course
Experience real-world conditions and simulations – learning the impact of data modeling, architecture, and more, in a hands-on lab environment. Private on-site training provides the option to tailor delivery based on your organizations needs. We work with your team to determine areas requiring more focus during course delivery.

DataStax Training Units
Simple way to purchase training for budget and scheduling flexibility DataStax Training Units are pre-paid, unit-based credits that offer a flexible and simple way to purchase instructor-led training for your team, allowing for more flexibility and better training budget planning.

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DS201: DataStax Enterprise Foundations of Apache Cassandra
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Apache Cassandra, its distributed architecture, and how data is stored. You will master Cassandra's internal architecture by studying the read path, write path, and compaction. Topics such as consistency, replication, anti-entropy operations, and gossip ensure you develop the skills necessary to build disruptive cloud applications. Hands-on exercises using KillrVideo app built for training.

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DS210: Operations and Performance Tuning
DS210 teaches you how to configure and maintain your DataStax Enterprise Apache Cassandra™ cluster. You’ll learn how to estimate the size of the cluster, how to configure and modify the cluster configuration, how to monitor and tune the cluster as well as the supporting operating system, JVM and hardware.

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DS220: Data Modeling
DS220 teaches you data modeling techniques essential to a successful Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise deployment. You’ll learn conceptual data modeling techniques, principles and methodology, design techniques and optimization, and review select data modeling use cases.

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DS310: DataStax Enterprise Search
DS310 teaches how to effectively and efficiently solve search problems with Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise, and Apache Solr™, the open-source engine behind DataStax Enterprise's search capabilities. Course topics include an introduction DataStax Enterprise Search, Apache Solr™ functional use cases, search fundamentals, query vs. search, schema, and more.

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DS320: DataStax Enterprise Analytics
In this course, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently solve analytical problems with Apache Spark™, Apache Cassandra™, and DataStax Enterprise. You will learn about Spark API, Spark-Cassandra Connector, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, and crucial performance optimization techniques.

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DS330: DataStax Enterprise Graph
In this course, you will learn about DataStax Enterprise Graph. The topics include system architecture, property graphs, graph schemas, data modeling, graph indexing, data loading, and graph traversals. You will become proficient in the Gremlin graph traversal language and will be able to define simple, branching, recursive, path, projecting, declarative, subgraph, statistical, ordering, mutating, and other types of traversals.

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DS410: DataStax Enterprise Advanced for Administrators
DS410 covers advanced topics: management, maintenance, and optimization of clusters, rebalancing, rebuilding, optimizing high availability, migrating datacenters, replication, security, and more. Performance Tuning covers latency vs. throughput, proactive performance tuning, monitoring, stress tools, operating system and schema settings, compaction, and data model impact. Maintaining data section encompasses node and rack, corruption and recovery, rebuilding indexes, backup and restore et al.

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DS420: DataStax Enterprise Advanced for Developers
DS420 covers application development using DataStax enterprise tools such as DataStax Cassandra connectivity drivers, DataStax Enterprise Analytics, and DataStax Enterprise Search. You will learn to add plumbing code for the KillrVideo web application to interact with DataStax Enterprise. Also, perform analytics and add search functionality to the website. And, verify code works via unit tests.

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