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Delivering Real Business Value


TB of user data stored by eBay



Million monthly Playstation users get recommended content



Writes per second processed by Microsoft Office 365


Milliseconds – response time seen by Macy's


See how the industry recognizes DataStax

Forrester Wave Leader 2017 award
Career Launching Company award
Flexjobs 2017 Top 100 Company to Watch Remote Work award
Forbes 2016 World's Best Cloud Companies award
DBTA100 award
Software Development Times award
apache cassandra

Open Source Leadership

It's been an open secret that DataStax is the driving force behind Apache Cassandra, growing it from a passionate Facebook coding community into a database that powers more than 30% of the Fortune 100, including Sony, Cisco, and eBay. We still proudly hold onto our open source roots while pushing Cassandra forward to be the best foundation for today's real-time applications.

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