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Bootcamp: Build Microservices on Apache Cassandra™ with APIs

Get to grips with APIs using technologies like Rest, GraphQL and more!

Free · Online Event
Get to grips with APIs using technologies like Rest, GraphQL and more!

About the Bootcamp:

Each week will see 2 hours of live teaching by the DataStax Developers in the form of a workshop. Like any online course, there will be a number of homework assignments to complete during the course of the week. The total learning time per week including live teaching and homework tasks is approximately 3 hours.

You can decide to tackle as many or as few weeks as you want. There is no penalty for not completing the homework tasks, however we highly recommend that you do in order to prepare for the certification exam and to claim your voucher to sit the exam for FREE!

Each week is standalone, meaning you can come and go as you please.

Note: You will need to register for all 4 workshops separately. Scroll down for additional event sign-ups.

Build microservices on Apache Cassandra™ with APIs (Rest and GraphQL)

If you attended our previous sessions, you will now have coded the majority of your project on top of Cassandra! In this final session, you will leave with your own full-stack application ready to go.

We will learn how to expose and publish our treatments through efficient and secure APIs using technologies like Rest, GraphQL and more. As before, multiple languages and related frameworks will be used (Spring, Django, Express, Apollo). Stay with us to have the front-end interacting with your very own backend microservice!

If you have any questions you can jump on the DataStax Developers Discord community. There are a lot of people in the chat and you will always find help from more experienced community members, as well as the DataStax Developers themselves.

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Week 3: sign up here

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