Astra Streaming

Upgrade to the Next-Gen Messaging

If you’re struggling with an overloaded legacy messaging platform like TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, here is a one-step streaming solution.

Astra Streaming delivers AI powered applications, with increased uptime, improved performance, and extends the life of your existing enterprise messaging investments.

Seamless Modernization

Convert apps using JMS, RabbitMQ, or Kafka to Apache Pulsar™ with little to no code change

Bring ML To Your Data

Deliver real-time apps that runs in the cloud(s) of your choice, with the freedom of cloud-native and open source

Grow Without Constraint

Scale up and down easily, with low-latency performance and massive throughput

Build scalable web applications in the cloud without having to manage the ops.

Ecommerce. Authentication. Crypto. IoT. Gaming. No matter what you’re creating today, Astra DB can help you accelerate development at every step. See how your peers are executing data-driven applications with a cloud-native service, avoiding the hassles of database administration.
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Need help? Check out the DataStax Streaming Documentation.