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At DataStax our brand represents who we are, the solutions we provide, and the value we offer. Every experience someone has with DataStax – whether in person, through our products, services, promotions, or on our website – is part of our brand. And every experience counts. With that in mind, you can find downloadable assets here along with guidelines for using them in a way that best represents the DataStax brand visually.

The Logo

The DataStax logo is the most prominent representation of our brand. Treat it with respect and use it according to these straightforward guidelines.

Download Print Assets
Download Digital Assets

DataStax Logotype

Primary | Download PNG


The DataStax logo is one color and should appear in black over white (or near-white), or white over black. It is also acceptable to use the white logotype over the main DataStax colors, which are defined here in the guidelines.

DS Logo Dark

Primary - For Light Backgrounds | Download PNG

DS Logo White

Primary - For Dark Backgrounds | Download PNG

Clear Space

The DataStax logo should adhere to the prescribed clear space, which can be defined as half the height of the logotype (x). No other elements should be placed within this clear space.

Clear Space

Primary - Clear Space

Minimum Size

To preserve legibility, the logo should never be printed smaller than 1 inch wide, nor should it appear at less than 100 pixels wide in digital formats.

Minimum Print Size

Minimum Size - Print

Minimum Web Size

Minimum Size - Web

Product Logos

To remain consistent with the DataStax logo, our product brands are designed to support a similar brand experience and work as a family.

Download Product Assets
Astra DB Logo

Astra DB Logo | Download PNG

Astra Streaming Logo

Astra Streaming Logo | Download PNG

Luna Logo

Luna Logo | Download PNG

Luna Streaming Logo

Luna Streaming Logo | Download PNG

Enterprise Logo

DataStax Enterprise Logo | Download PNG

Brand Icons

Icons representing DataStax, and the Astra, DataStax Enterprise, and Luna products offerings, are available in two versions for use on either light and dark backgrounds.

Download Brand Icons
Light Backgrounds

For Light Backgrounds

Dark Backgrounds

For Dark Backgrounds

Co-Branding Situations

In certain situations, we may need to co-brand documents or publications. In order to achieve balance, the overall height of the logos should be optically equivalent. Rules about the exclusion zone should always be followed.

Co Branding

Co-Branding Example

DataStax Colors

Color plays an essential role in our visual identity, with each product line being assigned a color.

In most cases, designs should be paired more heavily with white space, but allowing for pops of color to bring visual attention to the focus and concept of the execution.

DS Black
Pantone 4133 C
Astra Red-Orange
Pantone 1655 C
Luna Gold
Pantone 5835 C
Enterprise Blue
Pantone 7459 C
DS Blue
Pantone 2382 C

If you need help using DataStax brand assets, please contact us at