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Low Response Time

24 hours

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24 hours

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4 hours

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1 hour


15% of Astra commitment amount

Please contact us for enhanced support needs, migrations or other help you might need.

Astra DB can also be purchased through the AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure marketplaces.

Astra Starter Pack

Overwhelmed by the maze of tools for building apps? Astra Starter Pack gives you what you need to start building and get into production—fast.

How DataStax Billing Works

Pricing is simple from start to scale.

Pay as you go

Astra DB’s pricing is simple and transparent, based on the volume of data, and the numbers of operations.


No more sizing your database to match your application workload. Astra DB auto-scales up and down based on actual usage.

Zero Ops

Save significant engineering and operations effort typically spent on sizing, provisioning, monitoring, and tuning.

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