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Welcome to the DataStax Blog. Here you can find perspectives about our company, our latest product offerings, insights from customers about how they're succeeding with our massively scalable big data platform, and business insights about big data topics of interest.
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In today’s data-driven economy, the Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) sector has already started embracing data-driven applications and implementing cohesive data strategies to avoid falling behind. Since the industry is so heavily regulated, dealing with any volume of data is even more of a challenge. The constant threat of cyberattacks, the need to streamline customer record collection processes while maintaining data quality, and the urgent need to comply with security standards and regulations, are all factors pushing the BFSI sector to make smart decisions and develop effective solutions using a distributed cloud database designed for hybrid cloud.

By Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations


Today we are making DataStax-built images widely available for non-production use by hosting them in Docker Hub. We want the images to be as easy for you to use as they are for our internal teams. Read on to learn more and how to access.

By Kathryn Erickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DataStax; Donnie Roberson, Senior Software Engineer, Partners

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Hybrid Cloud and eCommerce

Read this blog post to learn how an always-on, distributed cloud database can transform enterprise ecommerce applications.

By Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, July 12, 2018

Cassandra’s Journey — Via the Five Stages of Grief

Cassandra had a tough time getting traction, and once it did, anger and denial set in. Read this blog post for a first-person account of how it happened.

By Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations, July 2, 2018

Five Freedoms of Enterprise Data

Our enterprise customers tell us they are looking for their data investments to provide the biggest outcomes in the fastest time and with the least risk. We believe these Five Freedoms of Enterprise Data are critical to making that happen.

By Billy Bosworth, CEO, June 28, 2018

zData Confirms DSE 6 Outperforms Open Source Cassandra

We felt confident that the performance work our engineers put into DataStax Enterprise 6 (DSE 6) was going to push our solution’s speed into overdrive, but it’s nice when a very experienced independent source confirms it. We were excited when zData wanted to benchmark the work our team had done against open source Cassandra, and were even more thrilled to see that the results they obtained exceeded our own goals we’d set for the effort.

By Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer, June 27, 2018

How to Use DataStax ODBC Drivers

Since the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is such a prolific framework to enable Business Intelligence (BI) tools, DataStax provides a set of ODBC drivers to enable these use cases. While the decision to support the API was an easy product decision, what hasn’t always been easy is how to use the different drivers among the systems for the various BI and ETL tasks. This blog post provides a detailed explanation of the use of ODBC drivers in DataStax.

By Nick Panahi, Sr. Product Manager, June 26, 2018

Cloud Databases for eCommerce: What You Should Know

Distributed cloud databases are slowly but surely becoming the go-to architectures for any data that needs to scale quickly, easily, affordably, and safely. This is as true for ecommerce applications as it is for any other type of application. But for ecommerce, there’s more than just the customer-facing applications that you need to think about.

By Matt Kennedy, Senior Director, Cloud Solutions, June 21, 2018

The 4 Superpowers of Hybrid Cloud Databases

Why are so many organizations opting for hybrid cloud solutions instead of running everything in a private cloud, public cloud, or on-premises? The answer’s simple: Hybrid cloud databases provide enterprises with a number of incredible benefits. Some might even call them superpowers.

By Matt Kennedy, Senior Director, Cloud Solutions, June 19, 2018

What’s the Best Database for eCommerce Applications?

Choosing the right database to power your ecommerce applications is critical. Learn which features your database needs to allow you to create powerful ecommerce applications.

By Mark Simborg, Editorial Director, June 14, 2018