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Astra DB on Google Cloud

Astra DB on Google Cloud is the vector database of choice that can make vector updates immediately available to applications and scale to the largest real-time data and streaming workloads.

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Why DataStax on Google Cloud?

Astra DB can seamlessly scale to billions of vectors and embeddings in real-time for mission-critical Generative AI application development with seamless integrations with Google Cloud AI services.

Astra DB on Google Cloud enables your entire application stack to live on the same consistent infrastructure and benefit from vital security standards such as PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. Astra DB is also integrated with Vertex AI, BigQuery, DataFlow, Customer Managed Encryption (CMEK) on Google Cloud and Google Cloud Functions.

Up to 18% more relevant vector search results
8x to 15x higher throughput
Request responses up to 12x faster
Ultra low latency on billions of vectors

How DataStax helps businesses engage with their customers using AI

Deploy real-time AI apps built for speed and scale with DataStax Astra DB on Google Cloud Marketplace

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“We have millions of customers using our website and mobile apps at any given moment. Communications between our booking process and our data store need to happen within split seconds. Having a very high-powered, low-latency, high-throughput, scalable architecture for real-time data is paramount, and that’s why we use DataStax and Google Cloud.”

Martin Brodbeck
CTO, Priceline

“We are migrating from utilizing the open source Apache Cassandra database, managed by Bud, to DataStax Astra DB for its multi-region, serverless capabilities on Google Cloud as we continue to scale internationally, operating across four continents, and enabling our internal product teams to focus on our own domain - financial data enrichment."

Michael Cullum
VP of Engineering and Data, Bud

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Astra DB in Google Cloud Marketplace

DataStax delivers the real-time vector data that GenAI apps need, with seamless integration to Google Cloud.

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Google Vertex AI

Astra DB and Vertex AI integration enables data stored in DataStax’s vector database to fuel Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) use cases.

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Google Dataflow and BigQuery

Dataflow template available in the Google Cloud console to make moving and transforming data between Astra DB and BigQuery easier.

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Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions integration connects Astra DB with other cloud services into data pipelines that move, process and analyze data to make moving and transforming data between Astra DB and BigQuery easier.

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Build Production GenAI Chat with Vertex AI, LangChain and Astra DB Vector Search



What is Astra DB?

DataStax Astra DB is a cloud-native, scalable Database-as-a-Service built on Apache Cassandra. New vector search capabilities enable complex, context-sensitive searches across diverse data formats for use in Generative AI applications.

Can I use Astra DB with Google Cloud?

Astra DB is on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Get started on our generous free tier today with no minimums or upfront obligations; continue with our pay-as-you-go option that is billed directly to your Google account. No hassle.

Can I buy Astra DB in the GCP Marketplace?

Yes, Astra DB is available in the Google Cloud Marketplace. There are no minimums and no upfront commitment required; your Astra DB cost will be billed to your Google Cloud account. Get started today!

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