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Multi-cloud DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra™

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Cloud-Native Cassandra-as-a-Service Built on Apache Cassandra

DataStax Astra simplifies cloud-native Cassandra application development. It reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes, removing the biggest obstacle to using Cassandra, which is behind many of the most heavily used applications in the world. To see Astra in action, watch our demo and hear about how Expero migrated to Astra!
Introducing Astra: Cloud Native | Cassandra as a Service | DataStax

5 Gig Free Tier

Explore Astra and learn Cassandra using your free-tier, free forever database.

Free Tier
Free Tier

Launch a sample app within minutes and see how easy it is to write scalable applications.

Stargate in Astra: Your Data Gateway to Cassandra

Access your data the way you want over REST. Use Stargate in Astra to develop faster by speaking the language of your data. Build affordable, serverless apps at any scale with any shape of data, all backed by the proven power of Apache Cassandra™ — the database that powers Netflix, Spotify and Apple.



Use a gateway that ships RESTful APIs for any Cassandra database. Finally, relief from RTM fatigue.



Make your front end team happy. Serve a GraphQL API from any Cassandra database. Resolvers FTW.

Schemaless Cassandra

Schemaless Cassandra

Save and search schemaless JSON documents in Cassandra. With no data modeling needed. Yup, you read that right.

Serverless Apps

Serverless Apps

Avoid sticker shock. Build apps with fully elastic serverless data storage, and only pay for exactly what you use.

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Deploy Astra on Azure, GCP, or AWS

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Astra Migration Tool

Move your apps to Astra with the Cassandra Migration Tool.

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Data Modeling In Apache Cassandra™

Get a detailed, straightforward, five-step approach to creating the right data model right out of the gate for your Apache Cassandra deployment.

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Astra Sample App Gallery

Find inspiration for your next project with our sample applications and starters.

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Multi-cloud DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra™

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