Praveen Viswanath Transforms Marine Logistics with Big Data in Real Time at Alpha Ori

Praveen Viswanath, Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Alpha Ori Technologies

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Praveen Viswanath
Praveen Viswanath
Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Alpha Ori Technologies

Praveen Viswanath is co-founder and Chief Architect at Alpha Ori Technologies. Part of the initial 3 member founding team, he is also the lead solutions architect for Alpha Ori’s one of a kind IOT platform for data acquisition, processing & analytics from ships, based on the microservices pattern. Alpha Ori’s SMARTship software collects more than 5,000 data points from various navigation, cargo, and engine control systems onboard a vessel. It enables maritime operators to optimize efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions to meet sustainability imperatives while increasing value and growth. In the past year, the company has doubled the number of vessels using Alpha Ori solutions to save money on fuel, mitigated maintenance-related risks, and reduced carbon emissions. For 200 ships on their SMARTship platform in 2021, Alpha Ori calculated $5M in cost savings and 30,000 metric tons of emissions saved on behalf of their customers.

Watch the video to learn how Alpha Ori transforms marine logistics with real-time data.


My name is Praveen Viswanath. I work as a co-founder and Chief Architect at Alpha Ori Technologies. Alpha Ori is in the business of transforming a multi trillion dollar industry, the maritime shipping industry from using disjointed legacy systems to using more modern smart digital enterprises.

Our software is currently installed on almost 260 ships. And in the time we have been operational, we have saved 137,000 metric tons of CO2, or about 44,000 metric tons of fuel.

A Digital Champion is someone who not just innovates, but innovates for the customer and for the organization, bringing practical change to the customer and the organization. Real time data is at the core of everything that Alpha Ori does, being able to handle it at scale is also the challenge.

We wanted to always move out of managing servers and setting up servers. We have a small team who have to manage several databases. And so when we were working on our new product, and we had the opportunity to look at a new database, we were trying to go away from all this time consuming activities for our team.

So we initially looked at managed offerings and we found either the cost or the offering itself was not as competent as what DataStax was providing. so we had a POC with DataStax and eventually realized that the amount of effort we required would be substantially reduced and also the cost benefit was substantial. Going in the Astra direction means that we only pay for what we use. We saw substantial savings, at least an order of 10 for opinion for many of our clusters.

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