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Launch Managed Cassandra in AWS

Use and pay only for services you consume and add more as needed, in order to optimize costs across the enterprise.

Deploy Open Cassandra In AWS

Apache Cassandra lets you access your data where you need it — on-premise, at the edge or in the cloud.

Deploy Enterprise Cassandra in AWS

Quick Start deploys DataStax Enterprise (DSE) automatically into an AWS Cloud configuration of your choice.

Amazon Web Services

Fully Managed Cassandra in AWS

Spin up Cassandra is less than 5 minutes. Build apps using the most generous DBaaS free tier.


DataStax Astra DB

DataStax and Amazon Web Services make Apache Cassandra easy with Astra DB. Develop applications faster with GraphQL, REST, schemaless JSON and gRPC APIs. Automatically scale applications without limits across regions. Leverage pay-as-you-go pricing for lower TCO, connect securely with AWS PrivateLink and reduce complexity with a serverless, zero operations database as a service.

"DSE Search is very versatile in nature and provides many options to query the data, including ranged queries, regular expression based search, non-equality based search and faceted queries - which are all tempting to use."

Javed Roshan

Director of Data Services, Capital One

Capital One

DataStax is Uniquely Suited for AWS

Automatically Deploy with the DataStax Enterprise Quick Start.

DataStax Enterprise Quick Start Reference Deployment

This Quick Start reference deployment guide provides architectural details, best practices, step-by-step instructions, and customization options for deploying DataStax Enterprise (DSE) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

DataStax Enterprise Quick Start Source Code

This AWS CloudFormation template for DataStax Enterprise included with the Quick Start automates deploying DSE into a new and existing VPCs.

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Open-source users and enterprises can deploy DataStax with confidence.

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