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Astra DB on AWS

Astra DB on AWS is the vector database of choice for building production-level AI applications on real-time data. Deliver billions of vectors with ultra low latency, bringing real-time vector data to your AI apps, immediately.

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Why DataStax on AWS?

Astra DB can seamlessly scale to billions of vectors and embeddings in real-time for mission-critical Generative AI application development with seamless integrations with AWS AI/ML services.

Astra DB on AWS enables your entire application stack to live on the same consistent infrastructure and benefit from vital security standards such as PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. Astra DB is also integrated with AWS PrivateLink which provides added security of private connectivity between Foundation Models and your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) without exposing your traffic to the internet.

Up to 18% more relevant vector search results
8X to 15X higher throughput
Request responses to up to 12X faster
Ultra low latency on billions of vectors

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“We were an early believer in the cloud, so we got started with AWS early. At the same time, we also picked Apache Cassandra as our database of choice, as it promised availability and scalability. We were able to grow rapidly based on this combination,”

Henning Kosmack
CEO, MegaZebra

“For Dataworkz, having a vector database is important to harness large language models for either question answering systems insights and intelligent summarization. Astra DB on AWS vector capabilities is a really great addition for us.”

Nikhil Smotra
Co-Founder and CTO, Dataworkz

“By going serverless with Astra DB on AWS, we reduced the operational costs for our Cassandra database platform by an order of ten,” says Viswanath. “With Astra DB, we get high read and write throughput for large volumes of data, allowing us to rapidly deliver analytics and alerts for predictive maintenance, fuel savings, and more.”

Praveen Viswanath
Co-founder and chief architect, Alpha Ori

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Amazon Bedrock

DataStax Astra Vector DB supports GenAI development on AWS with new integration for AWS Bedrock

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AWS Lambda Functions

Extend Astra DB with additional data processing capabilities or connect Astra DB with other AWS services that move, process and analyze data.

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AWS Glue

AWS Glue integration with Astra DB provides you with the ability to run complex transformations across huge datasets.

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What is Astra DB?

DataStax Astra DB is a cloud-native, scalable Database-as-a-Service built on Apache Cassandra. New vector search capabilities enable complex, context-sensitive searches across diverse data formats for use in Generative AI applications.

Is Astra DB free on AWS?

Astra DB has a free tier that’s ideal for trying out the service as you get started. Beyond the free tier, you’re only billed for what you use.

Can I buy Astra DB in the AWS Marketplace?

Yes, Astra DB is available in the AWS Marketplace. There are no minimums and no upfront commitment required; your Astr aDB cost will be billed to your AWS account. Get Started


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