Tisson Mathew Transforms Senior Care By Harnessing Real-Time AI at SkyPoint

Tisson Mathew, Founder & CEO at SkyPoint Cloud

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Tisson Mathew
Tisson Mathew
Founder & CEO at SkyPoint Cloud

Tisson Mathew is CEO and Founder of SkyPoint AI, a data, analytics, and AI SaaS platform that enables consumer and healthcare brands to unlock deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers and patients. Tisson brings years of experience in entrepreneurial, data, and technology in industries like health care, e-commerce, and consumer retail. Before founding SkyPoint AI he was Chief Technology Officer at Alignment Healthcare and, prior to that, at Cambia Health Solutions. Tisson also led the team that built and operated the Amazon logistics technology platform that powers Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Flex. He holds four U.S. patents, a Master of Science in computer science and engineering from Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Ore., and completed the Stanford Executive Program for Growing Companies at Stanford University, Stanford, CA.


As a Digital Champion, to me means creating customer value and also being a great partner to the business. In addition to being a champion, its driving technology change to our business users through our products.

SkyPoint Cloud provides data and AI SaaS products to the healthcare industry. We are particularly focused in the senior living and senior care industry. So senior care and senior living industry is going through a lot of challenges when it comes to growing population in terms of aging, but 10,000 seniors age over 65 every single day in the United States. There is a lot of economic and labor challenges. That's where we saw the opportunity to create data and AI to drive better productivity and efficiency in the market for for a customer to understand. What the wound care policy for a type of patient? For them, it needs to go into different application to look it up for different documents, and different patients have different types of care that they need. For them to come up with what they want your policies, it requires hours and hours of work. AI has the ability to collect all of this and provide that written wound care policy and provide citations to the provider and say here is how you take care of boards for a diabetes patient or this kind of medications, and they can rely on that. In a few seconds.

The DataStax relationship has been far more than technology for us. It is an amazing product. When it comes to vector capabilities that is very inherent to generative AI application development, vector search capability and Astra DB has been valuable to SkyPoint in two different ways. The first is it is giving us these magic search capabilities to our AI stack that really drives value creation for us to have recency of information, real time data that is coming from documents and unstructured data that we are to connect. The second is it also gives us the ability to provide a memory for our AI stack. So otherwise LLMS doesn't have any memory. It doesn't understand the context or anything else. Then we add a variety of open source orchestration technologies in it. To make it as a complete AI stack capability to deliver our SaaS applications.

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