Announcing Astra Starter Pack

Building Vector, GenAI RAG, NoSQL like real-time AI, or Streaming apps can be confusing since there are so many solutions and tools. We’ve got your back.

DataStax Astra Starter Pack is a tailored offering for Teams, Start Ups, and others to make it easy to get the pieces you need to get started building and get into production.

For $1,000 (billed either to your AWS or Azure account or paid by credit card), you get:

  • $2,000 worth of Astra DB, Astra Vector DB, and Astra Streaming credits
  • 24/7 Enterprise support
  • Astra Onboarding support to help you get up and running and into production with expert help.

Want to learn more? You can also reach us at +1 650-389-6000.