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Data Management For Cloud Applications.
DataStax Enterprise, powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra
Grow market share.
By improving customer experience
through a holistic view of interactions,
trends and relationships and delivering
real-time personalization and
Drive greater efficiency.
By interconnecting devices, data and
people – and managing an explosion of
high velocity dynamic information - that
is always available, where you need it.
Accelerate time to market.
By leveraging products, services, and
training, and a robust partner ecosystem
to build and manage cloud applications,
while eliminating complexity and risk.
Customer Experience
CX solutions to help you accelerate,
innovate, and mitigate risk.
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DataStax Enterprise
The always-on data platform for the world’s
most innovative cloud applications
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Netflix delivers out-of-this-world personalization to millions of customers around the world.
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for Netflix
Billion Reads
Billion Writes per Day
Uptime Across Multiple
Million Transactions
per Second
DSE allows us to focus on delivering an exceptional experience and value, while benefiting from DataStax’s commitment to platform innovation.
Rajay Rai, Digital Architect, Macquarie
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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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