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Cassandra Summit 2016 welcomed close to 2,500 attendees just about 2 weeks ago at the San Jose Convention Center. It was an exciting week for DataStax who proudly hosted the event and our partners - consisting of global, industry-leading technology and services companies!

By Lynn Walitsch

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I tend to always fly Delta. I landed pretty late and got in under the wire just before Delta suffered a power outage that brought its global business to a halt. The downtime that originated in their Atlanta location affected every site in which Delta does business around the world. Such an event puts a very real and sobering face on the term “single point of failure”.

By Robin Schumacher

Untangle Your Relationships with DSE Graph

Andrew C. Oliver recently penned an interesting article in InfoWorld titled “Untangle your relationships with graph analysis.” A central point is made in the article and that is to choose your graph implementation wisely. We at DataStax completely agree. Each comes with a series of tradeoffs.

By Jonathan Lacefield, September 16, 2016

Why Choosing the Right Data Model Matters

With the proliferation of database technology in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right technology for a particular application. Key-value store, wide-column or tabular store, document store, relational database, or graph database -- how do you make the right choice in this zoo of database systems?

By Matthias Broecheler, September 6, 2016

Deploy Datastax Enterprise on Google Cloud Platform in Less Than 3 Minutes

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 5.0 is now available on Google Cloud Launcher. DSE is the database for cloud applications - applications that require real time value at epic scale. Running DSE in the cloud allows IT leaders to proactively meet business demands more quickly and effectively than with other technologies.

By Ben Lackey, September 4, 2016

A Look Back, A Look Forward

Jonathan Ellis revisits his time as Chairman of the Apache Cassandra™ project, why he's decided to step down, and the exciting future ahead.

By Jonathan Ellis, August 19, 2016