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Broadway World

Pentaho Named to JMP Securities Hot 100 List of Best Privately Held Software Companies

Delivering the future of analytics, Pentaho Corporation today announced that it was named to the JMP Securities 2014 “Hot 100: Best Privately Held Software Companies” list… With the ability to access and integrate with the latest versions and capabilities of popular big data stores, it makes sense that Pentaho is joined in this category by strategic partners Cloudera, DataStax, MapR and MongoDB.


Google Mesa Data Warehouse Scales Like No Other

The Google MapReduce data munching algorithm and the Google File System (from 2001) spawned the Hadoop project, and the BigTable distributed data storage system (circa 2004) was the inspiration for Cassandra and a number of other NoSQL data stores.


Why Your Company Needs To Write More Open Source Software

While some companies eschew developing custom software because they don’t want to maintain it, open source (somewhat) mitigates this by letting a community grow up to extend and maintain a project, thereby amortizing the costs of development for the code originators.


Database company MongoDB brings in a new CEO ahead of its IPO

If Ittycheria can work his magic to get more enterprises to use MongoDB in new applications and gradually encourage them to sign up for paid licenses, he can help the company keep growing beyond other NoSQL database companies, including Basho, Couchbase, and DataStax, as well as early-stage startups like Orchestrate and RethinkDB.


Best Big Data Solution

Volume, velocity, and variety are the well-known traits of big data that are creating new challenges for the enterprise.

Computerworld UK

MongoDB snags key Oracle engineer

NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, along with CouchDB, Cassandra and others, rose in popularity over the past few years because they hold vast amounts of information that would be prohibitively costly or outright impossible to store in regular SQL databases, even though such data stores can lack the consistency and query specificity that relational databases provide.


Three steps to a connected heaven

John Glendenning, vice president of EMEA at DataStax, says: ‘If you consider the IoT as being based on three parts – the device, the data that the device creates and how that data can be leveraged by applications – you start to get an idea of the components organisations need to think about to really start to leverage and take advantage of this new term.

Business Wire

Adform Scales to Meet Real-Time Demand While Cutting Server Requirements in Half Using Aerospike Flash-Optimized In-Memory NoSQL Database

Today, Aerospike announced that Adform—a premier partner for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers and publishers—relies on Aerospike to power both its real-time trading engine and dynamic creative engine for multi-screen marketing…While Cassandra continued to support other areas of its business, Adform began to seek a more cost-effective way to scale its real-time engines while maintaining predictable performance.


CIO interview: Rorie Devine, CTO, Hailo

Hailo is now 100% open source and based on technologies such as the Go programming language, as well as Google’s XML equivalent Protocol Buffers, message-oriented middleware RabbitMQ, real-time message processing system NSQ and database management system Cassandra.


Zettaset Simplifies Big Data Encryption Management

Zettaset CEO Jim Vogt says the Big Data encryption tools that Zettaset developed are compatible with Apache-based Hadoop distributions available from Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR, Pivotal, Teradata, and IBM as well as Cassandra and Couchbase NoSQL databases.


Couchbase Second Quarter Growth Fueled by Release of World’s First NoSQL Mobile Database and Competitive Wins Over MongoDB and Oracle

Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced continued momentum in Q2 2014, driven by new product releases and major customer wins, as large enterprises choose Couchbase Server, over Oracle and MongoDB, for mission critical applications…In addition to more than 70 customer wins across the United States, Europe and Asia, Couchbase announced the release of the world’s first NoSQL mobile database, received $60 Million in Series E financing, appointedSujan Jain as Chief Financial Officer, and outperformed MongoDB and Datastax in the 2014 NoSQL High Performance benchmark.

Tools Journal

DataStax unveils 4.5 offering

DataStax, distributed database management system that delivers Apache Cassandra to the enterprise, recently announced the general availability of DataStax Enterprise 4.5 (DSE 4.5).

Inside Big Data

DataStax Enterprise 4.5 Unveiled

At the rercent Spark Summit 2014, DataStax, a leading distributed database management system that delivers Apache Cassandra to the enterprise, announced the general availability of DataStax Enterprise 4.5 (DSE 4.5).


See Spark Run on NoSQL, DataStax Says

DataStax today announced that Apache Spark is included in the latest release of its NoSQL databases, including open source Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise version 4.5.


DataStax and Databricks

Big data analytics now represents a fundamental part of the modern enterprise’s business strategy, with the opportunity of uncovering previously inaccessible data becoming too valuable to pass up.


Fighting Sepsis with Real-Time Analytics

Thanks to new big data techniques that can continuously monitor and analyze the interplay of more than 100 signs and potential symptoms of sepsis, hospitals are detecting the condition earlier, and saving both lives and money.

the VAR guy

DataStax Brings In-Memory Computing to NoSQL Cassandra

SSD storage is fast, but in-memory computing is even faster. And DataStax, which builds a NoSQL database based on open source Apache Cassandra, thinks in-memory processing is a crucial innovation for bringing Big Data performance to a new level, as the release of its DataStax Enterprise 4.0 platform makes clear.


The NoSQL Heart of Telco Messaging

You probably haven’t heard of Openwave Messaging but if you get email, voice mail, or other messaging services from a tier-one telecommunications firm, chances are fairly good that you have used its white-label messaging products at some point.


Dr. Dobb's

Free Training and Free Software From DataStax

DataStax has announced its Startup Programme designed to allow “eligible startups” (by its own terms and classification) to deploy DataStax Enterprise (DSE) applications for free, along with a new DevCenter tool and free online training courses for Cassandra users.

Jax Enter

Why you shouldn’t use NoSQL just for the sake of it

A long-time Java advocate, University of Dundee lecturer Andy Cobley explains why he’s teaching Cassandra, the reason he hopes it doesn’t all go horribly wrong for NoSQL, and why he still stands behind Oracle’s platform, fifteen years down the line.


Why NoSQL Databases Are Gaining Fans

Given their Web roots, Cassandra, Couchbase and MongoDB have certainly taken more business away from MySQL than any commercially licensed database, but the recent infusions of capital show that there’s big money riding on broad enterprise adoption of NoSQL.


A new database dawn?

Rising data levels and real-time web applications are driving a shift towards NoSQL databases a move that could be as significant as the switch from mainframe to relational databases 30 years ago.

IT Director

Goodbye CEP, hello streaming and Cassandra

In particular, advocates of Cassandra would suggest that event streaming is fine if you just want to analyse what’s happening right now but that if you want to understand what’s happening now in the context of what was happening five minutes ago and five minutes before that – in other words, trending – then Cassandra is better option.

Silicon Angle

Weekly Big Data Review: SQL Alternatives are All the Rage

This past week featured a number of Big Data developments. Cloudera released an open-source authentication engine for Hadoop, Google upgraded its Cloud Platform with new data management capabilities, and DataStax raised $45 million in funding to accelerate Cassandra development.

DataStax Raises $45 Million

San Mateo-based DataStax, founded in 2010, sells software and services built on top of Apache Cassandra, an open source distributed database management system originally developed by Facebook that advocates say can be flexible and resilient on a global scale to an unprecedented degree.


DataStax Rakes $45 Million; Schemes Growth

While Hadoop has been getting the elephant’s share of attention recently in NoSQL database circles, Cassandra database vendor, DataStax, has been dutifully squirrelling away at their own plans, which it was revealed this morning will be fueled by a $45 million dollar series D funding round.


Why NoSQL is a No-brainer

This blog features a mini interview-cum-discussion-cum-’fireside chat’ with Jonathan Ellis, who is CTO at DataStax and, indeed, the current Apache Cassandra project chair.

ZD Net

DataStax Enterprise 3.1: NoSQL; Yes, CQL.

DataStax, the major commercial entity behind the Apache Cassandra wide column store NoSQL database, is today announcing version 3.1 of its DataStax Enterprise distribution.


DataStax Finds the Enterprise Fulcrum with Cassandra

Red Hat and MySQL did it successfully first, before there was a roadmap or formula – they balanced the commitment to being a primary open source curator while simultaneously building a commercial business around the open source offering.

ZD Net

The biggest cloud app of all: Netflix

Netflix, the popular video-streaming service that takes up a third of all internet traffic during peak traffic hours isn’t just the single largest internet traffic service.


Big data player DataStax opens UK office

Big data platform provider DataStax, which helped Netflix determine the likely popularity of its first proprietary series House of Cards, has opened a London Office to help it keep up with demand for its services in EMEA.

Wall Street Journal

Hunt for Engineers Leads to Scattered Workforces

Facing a talent crunch at home, young Bay Area companies are establishing teams of engineers around the world—and adjusting to the complexities of a far-flung workforce.The hunt to hire workers abroad comes as startups are also rushing to lure foreign workers to their Bay Area headquarters, as demand for top technical talent outstrips local supply.

The VAR Guy

DataStax Combines Security with NoSQL Big Data

Two major trends have emerged in the Big Data channel in recent months: First, NoSQL is becoming an increasingly popular database choice, and second, commitment to security is finally catching up with the drive to build Big Data infrastructures as quickly as possible.

ZD Net

DataStax 1.2 on Windows: A guided tour

Cassandra is a major wide column store NoSQL database. It’s popular in standalone form, and can be used with Hadoop to perform MapReduce analyses on Cassandra column families (tables).



Top 3 Enterprise Ecommerce Player eBay Use That SMB Ecommerce Owners Shop Emulate

To accommodate eBay’s explosive data growth— its data centers perform hundreds of millions of reads and writes each day—and the increasing demand to process data at blistering speeds, eBay needed a solution that did not have the typical bottlenecks, scalability issues and transactional constraints associated with common relational database approaches.


Apache Cassandra database upgrade due this fall

The open source NoSQL database, which reached the 1.0 release stage last October, is now in use at companies including Disney, eBay, and Netflix, according to Jonathan Ellis, project chair for the Apache Cassandra project and CTO at DataStax, which offers commercial products and services based on Cassandra.


Because Hadoop isn’t perfect: 8 ways to replace HDFS

DataStax, a startup commercializing the Cassandra database, has fused Hadoop atop Cassandra to provide web applications fast access to data processed by Hadoop, and Hadoop fast access to data streaming into Cassandra from web users.

The Register

DataStax adds search to Cassandra NoSQL

At the Structure Data 2012 conference in New York this week, DataStax, which as commercialized the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database originally created by Facebook and open sourced as an Apache project, has bolted on search to the data store and a plug in that lets it also search and index application logs.


DataStax Enterprise 2.0

My client DataStax is announcing DataStax Enterprise 2.0. The big point of the release is that there’s a bunch of stuff integrated together…


The Big Promise of Big Data

For Twitter, making sense of its mountains of user data was big enough of a problem that it purchased another company just to help get the job done.


The 451 Group

How to to provide a strongly consistent distributed database…

During the recent round of NoSQL Road Show events it has emerged that this description could be taken to suggest that NewSQL products are able to provide consistency, availability and partition tolerance and therefore contravene the common understanding of CAP Theorem that “a distributed system can satisfy any two of these guarantees at the same time, but not all three.”


Oracle Releases NoSQL Database, Advances Big Data Plans

Another attractive attribute of Cassandra and other open source products is their low cost, as they’re designed to scale out on commodity hardware.”There’s an order-of-magnitude difference in the speed, performance, and cost of deploying conventional relational databases and Cassandra,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO at Cassandra enterprise support and system monitoring and management software provider DataStax.


Cassandra 1.0.0. Is Ready for the Enterprise

Apache has announced the release of Cassandra 1.0.0, the first major milestone of the distributed column-based data store coming with data compression and several performance improvements and optimizations.


Apache Cassandra Ready for the Enterprise

“We’re consciously signalling that Cassandra is ready for mere mortals,” said Jonathan Ellis, who is the Apache vice president of Apache Cassandra project, jokingly referring to the amount administrative expertise needed to deploy previous versions of the software.

ZD Net

Apache launches Cassandra 1.0 NoSQL DB

The Apache Software Foundation announced Tuesday the release of Cassandra 1.0, the NoSQL database originally developed at Facebook for handling distributed, massive workloads common in cloud computing.


Oracle Sails Out of OpenWorld, Into Uncharted Waters

At OpenWorld, the company rolled out not only a social network, but a “NoSQL” database along the lines of MongoDB and Cassandra and a “public cloud” that follows in the footsteps of Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine.


Oracle does about-face on NoSQL

Oracle’s introduction of its Big Data Appliance at the OpenWorld conference here this week is an indication of the attention it is being forced to pay to NoSQL database technology.

The 451 Group

Red Hat considering NoSQL/Hadoop acquisition yesterday published an article based on an interview with Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst asking the question “Is Red Hat Interested in the Database Market?” In truth there was no real need to ask the question, as Whitehurst’s comments made it pretty clear that Red Hat is interested in the database market, and specifically the NoSQL database market.


How to Boost Your Hadoop Performance With Brisk

The discussion of big data technology can often be split into one side or another: the realtime capabilities of databases that often have to organize records at sub-second speeds, or the analytical capabilities of databases that have to comprehensively search those same records at the same level of speed.

The Register

Database high priest mud wrestles Facebook

Last week, in a piece from our friends at GigaOM, Database Grandpoobah Mike Stonebraker announced that Facebook’s continued dependance on MySQL was “a fate worse than death,” insisting that the social network’s only route to salvation is to “bite the bullet and rewrite everything.”

I Programmer

Cassandra with CQL

CQL will look very familiar to anyone who knows SQL, with most of the usual keywords – Select, Use, Update, Drop and Create are all there and work pretty much as you expect.