Cassandra 1.2.0 released

By Jonathan Ellis -  January 2, 2013 | 4 Comments

The new year is here, and so is Cassandra 1.2.0!

Key improvements include:

2013 is going to be another good year to be a Cassandra user!

Edit: DataStax documentation for Cassandra 1.2 is now up.


  1. nfmelendez says:

    Like this one:

    Atomic batches address the possibility of mid-batch coordinator failure.


  2. Marc says:

    When will a RHEL package for 1.2 be available from your repository?

    The install page specifies the package as dsc12, but when I run the install install command it is says not available.

  3. Raja James says:

    Currently, I use a thrift API(protocol) to run CQL 3 query against Cassandra 1.1.6. I would like to take advantage of a binary protocol supported in Cassanda 1.2. Is there a C++ driver available to run CQL 3 query using binary protocol ?

    If not, what would you recommend me to use to perform asynchronous queries in C++ against Cassandra 1.2 ?

  4. tim says:

    there is an error in the doc for cassandra 1.2:

    python code fro generating token for murmur3partitioner is wrong, the long value generated is out of range
    I think it should be as follows for 4 nodes:

    >>> for i in range(4):
    … print str(((2**64/4)*i)-2**63)


    Am I right?:D


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