Open Source

DataStax is a big advocate for open-source software. Our product, DataStax Enterprise, is built on top of three open-source projects: Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Solr. DataStax is at OSCON this week and we want to know why you use open-source software. We use open-source at DataStax because the open-source model encourages openness and honesty with the community, two values we believe in. Join us and tell us why you use open-source software. You can submit your reason in a few ways:

  • Tweet using the hashtag #IOpenSourceBecause
  • Upload an image using Flickr including #IOpenSourceBecause in the title
  • Upload a video using YouTube including #IOpenSourceBecause in the title
  • Or send us an email at

Once we get your reason, we will add it to this page!