DataStax OpsCenter: Compare

Simplified management for DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra database clusters

Manage and control even the most complex workloads from an easy-to-use, visual interface

DataStax OpsCenter makes it easy to manage Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise clusters by giving administrators, architects and developers an at-a-glance view of the system from a centralized dashboard. OpsCenter installs seamlessly and gives system operators the flexibility to monitor and manage even the most complex workloads with ease from any web browser.

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OpsCenter Feature Open Source Cassandra DataStax Enterprise
Custom Cassandra and server statistics Checkmark Checkmark
Events dashboard Checkmark Checkmark
View replication relationships Checkmark Checkmark
Proactive alerts Checkmark
External notifications (e.g. email) Checkmark
Analytics monitoring Checkmark
Search monitoring Checkmark
In-memory tables monitoring Checkmark
Cluster Management
Visual cluster provisioning /management for Cassandra Checkmark Checkmark
Perform utility functions on each node or in mass Checkmark Checkmark
Basic security (admin only) Checkmark Checkmark
Multi-cluster dashboard Checkmark Checkmark
Supports 1000 node cluster deployment Checkmark Checkmark
Visual cluster provisioning for analytics and search Checkmark
Advanced security with role based access controls Checkmark
Automated node/ring balancing of data Checkmark
Visual backup service management Checkmark
Visual restore management Checkmark
Visual repair service management Checkmark
Visual capacity planning w/ forecasting Checkmark
Automated software update notifications Checkmark
Automated support collection package Checkmark
Visual best practice service with built-in expert advisors Checkmark
Built-in Auto-Failover Checkmark
Object Management
View Keyspaces Checkmark Checkmark
View Column Families Checkmark Checkmark
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