DataStax News: Astra Streaming now GA with new built-in support for Kafka and RabbitMQ. Read the press release.

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Google Cloud Platform

Database-as-a-Service for Apache Cassandra™ Applications on GCP

Available on GCP Marketplace
Google Cloud

Simplify and Accelerate Modern Application Development

DataStax on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) delivers production-certified Apache Cassandra and expert support to minimize risk and optimize costs so you can focus on innovation.

Simplify Database Management

Deploy, scale, and manage a database with web-hosted client-side tools and integrated billing. Pay for what you use, with no upfront costs.

Accelerate Application Development

Cassandra users will appreciate the easy-to-use development tools that can be deployed with a click of a button.

Eliminate Administrative Overhead

Automated backups, patches, and upgrades. AI-powered monitoring, with cluster health. Manage and log tickets with Google Cloud support.