Real-Time Generative AI

Leverage vector search to build LLM, AI assistant, and real-time generative AI projects with massive speed and scale


The Home Depot

リアルタイム AI



  • オンデマンドでリアルタイム・データベースを展開
  • ストリーミングデータにアクセス
  • 機械学習とデータを組み合わせる
  • あらゆる開発ツール、API、プログラミング言語で利用多様なクラウド上でサーバーレスかつ「ゼロ・オペレーション」で稼働


“I don't think we would be in a place where we are today if a technology like Astra DB was not there for us to capitalize and build on top of. Things like just operationalizing Cassandra, and getting stuff done alone would be at least a year-long project, and that is not even part of our core strength.”

Samar Abbas
Co-founder and CTO, Temporal Technologies

"As a bank we acquire portfolios of big companies like Walmart and bring them into our ecosystem. Typically, these portfolio migrations took multiple weeks or even months. With Cassandra, we can do this over a weekend without any downtime. It’s reached a point where adding 15 million new customers is now a standard day-to-day operation."

David Harmony
Senior Director, Capital One

“At Barracuda, we strive to make the world a safer place with our cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that protect email, networks, data, and applications. We’re excited about Astra DB multi-region because of its support for simple and cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery means our customers receive the service they have come to expect.”

Fleming Shi
Chief Technology Officer, Barracuda Networks

“By going serverless with DataStax Astra DB, we’ve reduced the operational costs for our Cassandra database platform by an order of ten. It’s a brilliant choice because it scales on demand when we need to onboard 300 ships to our systems in a single day. With Astra DB, we get high read and write throughput for 5,000 data points collected from each ship every 30 seconds, allowing us to rapidly deliver analytics and alerts for predictive maintenance, fuel savings, enhanced asset utilization and more.”

Praveen Viswanath
Co-Founder and Enterprise Architect, Alpha Ori Technologies

“We wanted to create a new, safe environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community to meet each other around their common interests. As part of this, we wanted to implement a scalable approach to data that would meet that new application’s needs over time. We also decided to migrate our existing Cassandra clusters. DataStax Astra DB provides the ideal environment to support our messaging and feed data over time, and to support our new growth.”

Matthew Hirst
Head of Server-side Engineering, Hornet




  • 豊富なAPIモデルを選択可能
  • お気に入りのツールや言語で利用可能
  • オープンなソフトウェア・スタックを革新するグローバル・コミュニティに参加



  • Fortune 500社のうち90%の企業がDataStaxを利用
  • あらゆるクラウドで、世界のどこでも、ロックインはゼロ
  • 「ゼロ・オペレーション」でアプリを管理



  • 意思決定をより迅速に、よりスマートに
  • より優れたサービスとエクスペリエンスを提供
  • スケールに応じた成長と革新と実行によるビジネスの拡大