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Managed Cassandra on Azure

Deploy, manage and run Cassandra applications on Azure in minutes. Astra DB helps developers build Cassandra apps without the cost of self-managed operations. Enjoy the freedom of serverless, multi-cloud and open source.

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Create apps faster

Astra DB takes care of Cassandra operations so you can focus on app creation.

Simplify every step

Work on the code that matters—and avoid time-wasting configuration changes.

Improve performance

Create apps that perform on any cloud—with no need to scale up or down.

Get started today

Build scalable web applications in the cloud without having to manage the ops.

Ecommerce. Authentication. Crypto. IoT. Gaming. No matter what you’re creating today, Astra DB can help you accelerate development at every step. See how your peers are executing data-driven applications with a cloud-native service, avoiding the hassles of database administration.

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