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Build your cloud-native applications with the NoSQL database that has proven high performance, linear scalability and zero downtime across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

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Try It Out

Write your first Cassandra query and get your hands on the technology.

What is NoSQL?

Learn how NoSQL, Apache Cassandra, and DataStax enable cloud-native data.

What is Cassandra?

Understand Cassandra’s origins, features, benefits, and future possibilities.

Build Your Skills

Not sure where to begin? Let us help!

Data Modeling

Data Modeling

The data model you choose might be the most important factor in your success with Cassandra

Cassandra and Kafka

Cassandra and Kafka

Learn how these complementary technologies can help you build scalable microservice applications

Cassandra on Kubernetes

Cassandra on Kubernetes

Can orchestrating your data infrastructure be as simple as orchestrating your services? Yes!


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Get Things Done
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CASSANDRA workshop

Online Apache Cassandra™ Developer Workshop

Come and see the true power of Apache Cassandra™ at one of our free online workshops! From the…

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