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DataStax for Developers

Developing modern applications with DataStax future-proofs your architecture with a database that has proven linear scalability with zero downtime across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. DataStax offers developers an array of tooling, all backed by self-paced training and strong community support.

Apache Cassandra™

DataStax offerings are built on Cassandra to provide zero downtime, best-in-class replication across multiple data centers, low latency, and real-time performance at scale. Cassandra offers a familiar SQL-like query syntax called CQL, high performance log-structured writes, tunable consistency, linear scalability, and powerful built-in caching.

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra is a fully open source compatible, production-ready Cassandra distribution that comes complete with support from DataStax—the experts that authored the majority of the Cassandra code.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE)

DSE is a proven enterprise-ready database tuned for modern business-critical application demands. It’s a production-ready version of Cassandra with additional enhancements for performance, operations, and advanced security, and is fully integrated with DSE Graph, DSE Search and DSE Analytics for advanced workloads.

New to DataStax Enterprise and DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra?

Follow the reading path below to get up to speed with DSE and Cassandra:

Production-Ready Docker Containers

DataStax provides production-ready Docker images for DSE, DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Studio, and DSE OpsCenter. Access to the GitHub repository is also provided for anyone needing to further customize the images.


Orchestration technologies emerged as a way to manage containerized applications throughout the data center. Kubernetes makes it easy to deploy and scale stateless applications. Recently, features have been added to Kubernetes to allow users to run stateful applications, although setting up these applications is still a complex process.

With DSE’s masterless architecture, since every node is on equal footing, running DSE on Kubernetes is far simpler than running other stateful software.

Developing Applications with DSE

For application development, you can use one of the official DataStax drivers: C++, C#, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, or Ruby. Each of these drivers comes with a common set of features meant to simplify the development of modern, always-on applications. See the Application Developer Guide for more details.

Advanced Workloads

DSE Graph, DSE Search, and DSE Analytics are engineered by DataStax experts and come bundled in our DSE Advanced Workloads Pack. They are fully integrated with DSE to help you attain an efficient development experience for your mixed workloads.

DSE Graph

With DSE Graph you can identify and analyze hidden relationships in connected data, and build modern apps for real-time fraud prevention, social networks, IoT systems, and more. It inherits DSE’s power, including zero downtime, linear scalability, advanced security, analytics, search, and development tools, and it’s optimized for large graphs—think billions of items and relationships.

DSE Search

DSE Search offers powerful search and indexing capabilities for your DSE cluster, enabling you to quickly find data and provide a highly relevant, instantaneous search experience for your users. It enables full-text, relevancy, sub-string, and fuzzy queries over large data sets, aggregation, and geospatial matchups.

DSE Analytics

Built on a production-certified version of Apache Spark™, with enhanced capabilities like always-on SQL and a highly available Spark resource manager, DSE Analytics enables you to build real-time, contextual applications to make highly relevant, in-the-moment decisions. From stream processing historical data to improving ongoing BI reporting you can transform all your data into meaningful actions—at cloud scale.

Advanced Security

DSE Advanced Security fortifies the DSE data layer to protect your data against potential harm from either deliberate attackers or user error with a uniform security model across database, search, analytics, and graph. With advanced mechanisms like authentication and authorization, transparent data encryption, and auditing, you can prevent unauthorized access and cyber threats in real time and address evolving regulatory requirements.

Operations and Management

DSE OpsCenter makes it easy to manage DSE clusters by giving you an at-a-glance view of the system from a centralized dashboard. OpsCenter provides the ability to manage clusters that exist on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments spanning multiple data centers to help reduce operational and hardware costs, and dramatically increase your operational productivity.

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