Simplify DataStax Enterprise Cluster Deployment and Management with Kubernetes and Containers

A true cloud-native solution engineered by the Kubernetes and Apache Cassandra™ experts at DataStax


Run Natively On-Premises or in Any Cloud

Kubernetes offers cloud-native tools that make it easy to deploy, manage, and scale DataStax Enterprise (DSE) in any cloud environment or on premises.


Simplify Cluster Orchestration and Management

The DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes operator removes the complexity of cluster provisioning and management.


Build Your Modern Applications Faster

Streamline application development and improve the speed of delivery with DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes operator.

Key Features of DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Everything about DataStax Enterprise just got easier!

Lifecycle Management

The DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes operator greatly simplifies the process of deploying and managing DSE clusters and provides a continuous background repair service and self-orchestration with auto-scaling.

  • Seamless deployment process
  • Dynamic configuration
  • Automated management and repairs
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With the DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes operator, you can streamline cloud-native modern application development with the most trusted NoSQL database powered by Cassandra.

  • Agile DevOps
  • Elastic cluster configuration
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Battle-Tested Containers

The DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes operator is based on production-certified DataStax Docker images with enterprise-level production support. Battle-tested, proven, and trusted with more than one million downloads.

  • Production-certified use for 18+ months
  • The same Docker images we use internally for development and QA of the product
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Effortless Data Platform

The DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes operator is a well-behaved citizen in a multi-operator world. Leverage Prometheus and Grafana’s visual dashboards, monitoring and automatic configuration features as DSE nodes are dynamically added and removed.

  • Compose your data platform effortlessly
  • Integrate with monitoring stack
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DataStax Database Solutions

Databases built for modern applications in the cloud


Optimizing Data Management in Containers With Kubernetes and DataStax

Containers gained popularity for their ability to package applications in a more efficient way than was possible with virtual machines. Orchestration technologies emerged as a way to manage these containerized applications throughout the datacenter. Kubernetes seems to have won the orchestration war by making it easy to deploy and scale stateless applications. The logical next step for these technologies is to do for databases what they’ve done for applications. But there are a few obstacles standing in their way. This white paper explains what those obstacles are and how DataStax Enterprise helps companies overcome them.

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Running a Globally Distributed Cassandra Cluster on Kubernetes in the Cloud

There are several examples online that show how to get a Cassandra cluster up and running in Kubernetes, but very few on how to go beyond a simple deployment to a globally distributed and operationally viable one. In this talk, Mike will be going over the technical and operational issues uncovered with running in this type of environment, and the solutions his team have implemented.

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Deploying DataStax Enterprise in a Hybrid Cloud Configuration Using Kubernetes

K8s is taking the world by storm giving unprecedented deployment flexibility. This session is intended for practitioners including devops, engineers, and architects. We'll walk through: How to easily spin up a DSE cluster in the cloud How to manage the cluster including scaling, monitoring, etc. Disaster preparedness Multi-dc on-prem and cloud Tips and tricks We'll provide a set of takeaways in the form of working scripts via GitHub project.

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