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Apache Cassandra™ is the database of choice for large-scale cloud applications, while Kubernetes has emerged as the leading orchestration platform for deploying and managing containerized systems in the cloud. Since managing infrastructure has been standardizing around Kubernetes, many organizations are looking at the data plane as something that should also be managed under the same umbrella. Let's look at the possibilities that emerge when we put these powerful technologies together.

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Apache Cassandra Operations in Kubernetes Certification

In an environment where automation and CI/CD have become a necessity in managing integrated application stacks, we’ve seen the role of the traditional database administrator (DBA) begin to merge with the emerging discipline of site reliability engineering (SRE). Now the Kubernetes and Cassandra communities have come together in a great collaboration called K8ssandra, a production-ready platform that makes it easy to run Cassandra™ on Kubernetes. We’ve created the Apache Cassandra Operations in Kubernetes certification program to help teams level up on the skills required to run Cassandra successfully in these cloud native deployments.

K8ssandra Certification

Cloud Native Applications with Kubernetes

Are you developing a cloud-native application? Then you are in one of two camps: those who are using Kubernetes for lifecycle management, or those who are about to use Kubernetes for lifecycle management! In either case, you want to know how to integrate data persistence with Cassandra into your application and use Kubernetes to manage it all for you. We’ll show you how!

Next Concept: Why Kubernetes and Cassandra?

Why Kubernetes and Cassandra?

A great feature of Cassandra is its elastic ability to grow and shrink as required. Kubernetes simplifies distributed systems lifecycle management. Combining Cassandra with Kubernetes is a synergistic and natural fit that allows you to resize your Cassandra cluster by telling Kubernetes what you want and letting Kubernetes figure out the details of how to get there.

Next Concept: How to use Kubernetes with Cassandra

How to use Kubernetes with Cassandra

If you are new to Kubernetes, setting up anything but a simple Kubernetes cluster can be daunting. Add to this the complexities of managing a Cassandra cluster and the task becomes downright overwhelming. Have no fear! DataStax has collaborated with the Cassandra community on an open source Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra™ that removes this complexity. The operator allows you to express familiar Cassandra concepts, such as datacenters and nodes, within Kubernetes. The operator also provides a controller to monitor and maintain your Cassandra cluster.

Next Concept: Skill Building

Skill Building

Try Some Common Tasks - Resize a cluster, complete a mock deployment, execute a dynamic configuration, simulate a maintanance job.

DataStax Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra™

Deploy Cassandra using the Kubernetes Operator


Simplify your ops-life by using the Cassandra Kubernetes Operator to run your cluster!

In this scenario, we'll learn how to:

  • Create a Kubernetes cluster
  • Install the Cassandra Kubernetes operator
  • Create a single node cluster
  • Create a keyspace and table with data in the cluster
  • Scale up the Cassandra cluster to two nodes using Kubernetes

With Kubernetes and this operator, your Cassandra life just got a lot easier!

Time to Complete

20 minutes




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