Learning Series

Apache Cassandra Operations in Kubernetes

As teams work to containerize and deploy applications using Kubernetes, there’s increasing interest in running Cassandra in Kubernetes alongside these applications. This hands-on learning series will help you level up your skills to run Cassandra successfully as part of cloud-native deployments with Kubernetes. After completing this series, you’ll understand the implications of containerizing Cassandra nodes, how to deploy and manage Cassandra clusters in Kubernetes, and how to securely connect applications to Cassandra clusters running in Kubernetes.

Learning Series Topics



  • 01Introduction
  • 02Running Cassandra in Docker
  • 03Managing Cassandra Clusters in Kubernetes Using the Cass-Operator
  • 04Monitoring Cassandra Clusters in Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana
  • 05Access Cassandra with Stargate APIs
  • 06Deploying Cassandra Clusters in Kubernetes with K8ssandra
  • 07Automating Backup and Restore with Medusa
  • 08Automating Repairs with Cassandra Reaper

Kubernetes Background

This course assumes you have some familiarity with containers and container orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. If you don't have that background, use these recommended resources to get up to speed.

Apache Cassandra Operations in Kubernetes